Our President Admits He Is A War Criminal

September 22, 2007

OK, this is so damned important that it calls for me to embed a YouTube video in this blog for the fourth time.

Watch this, dammit!

And I repeat the first YouTube vid I’ve ever embedded, Paddy Chayefsky calling you to action:

Go Get Yer Stephen Fry, Unillustrated

September 22, 2007

A poster over at Gear Diary has cloned the electrons of Stephen Fry’s now globally-famous cri de coeur about smartphones and other like pocketable devices.

Go read it here.

Thanks to Jim Moat for the email tip.

Yeah, you still can’t get it from Fry:

We’ve enjoyed extensive web traffic over the past few days. As a result, the Forum and Blog will be shutting down from Saturday 6.00AM-12.00PM (British Summer Time) whilst we upgrade the server.

Please return for the latest on Stephen’s blog and events in the Forum.

And for those of you (which probably includes Fry himself) who doubted I’ve read his novels, here’s one of the many bits I scanned and carry around with me in my PDA (currently a wretched Palm LifeDrive):

Jane’s house found itself somewhere near Onslow Gardens. There was money in her purse, no question, courtesy of her Uncle Michael no doubt, and, like every rich, ignorant girl these days, she passed herself off as an interior decorator.

“People saw what I’d done with the flat,” she said, as the taxi drew up outside a standard South Kensington white-pillared portico, “and asked if I could help them out too.”

The interior lived up to my ripest expectations. Hideous flouncing swags for curtains, raw silk instead of wallpaper, you can picture the whole sham shambles for yourself, I’m sure. Barbarically hideous and as loudly wailing a testament to a wholly futile and empty life as can be imagined. Just how fucking idle, just how rotting bored, do you have to be, I wondered, to sit down and dream up this kind of opulent garbage? She was standing in the middle of the room, eyebrows raised, ready for my gargles of admiration. I took a deep breath.

“This is one of the most revolting rooms I’ve ever stood in all my life. It is exactly as hideous as I expected, and exactly as hideous as ten thousand rooms within pissing distance of here. It’s an insult to the eye and fully as degrading a cocktail of overpriced cliché as can be found outside Beverly Hills. I would no more park my arse on that sofa with its artfully clashing and vibrantly assorted cushions than I would eat a dog-turd. Congratulations on wasting an expensive education, a bankload of money and your whole sad life. Goodbye.”

That’s what I would have said with just two more fingers of whisky inside me. Instead, I managed a broken, “My God, Jane . . .”

“You like?”

“Like isn’t the word . . . it’s, it’s . . .”

“They tell me I have an eye,” she conceded. “Homes and Interiors were here last week, photographing.”

“I’m sure they were,” I said.

“You should have seen the place when I moved in!”

“Such a sense of light and space,” I sighed. Always utterly safe.

“Men don’t usually appreciate such things,” she said with approval, moving to the drinks table.

“Fuck you, you mad, sad bitch,” I said inside, while “Even a man couldn’t fail to be knocked out by this skilful, tasteful blend of the ethnic and the domestic,” said my cowardly outspread arms.

– The Hippopotamus by Stephen Fry; pgs. 21-22

Right then. Hurry off and go buy his books. They are hugely funny, witty, and intelligent.

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Someone Bop Stephen Fry On His Noggin, Dammit

September 21, 2007

Since yesterday the Whirled Wide Webbthing has been abuzz over comedian-author Stephen Fry having a blog and offering up his opinion on smartphones.

Since bloody yesterday I’ve been trying to get to his blog! No go! Argh!

Stephen Fry: I’ve read every damned novel of yours that’s been published in the U.S. Email me your damned blog since it seems I can’t get to it!

The Shock Doctrine: Book And Short Video

September 18, 2007

MySpace Friend Matthew St. Amand sends out a Bulletin pointing to a short video. I watched it and found that it’s actually from a book.

The book is called The Shock Doctrine and it’s another piece of the puzzle about how this place that is supposed to be our country is spiraling out of control under the drunken power grab of Ayn Rand-fed neocons and their corporate accomplices.


I first encountered free-market advocate economist Milton Friedman (who Ayn Rand actually didn’t think much of — I saw her express her opinion of him in person at her final public appearance in New York City) through a PBS series called Free to Choose.

Under the spell of Ayn Rand back then, I thought his series persuasive and wonderful. Apparently so did a lot of other people who watched it — who, unlike me, never stopped to ask themselves if its advocacy would actually lead to the great economic utopia it implied. Hence the Preisdents we have had (Right, Left, doesn’t matter — different brand names for the same evil; look at the legislation they pass, not their brand name affiliations!).

Friedman, it turns out, was quite an underhanded bastard who was willing to bypass democracy in order to bring about the realization of his economic principles. Understand that: he wanted more freedom for money than for people. Nice guy, huh?

The Shock Doctrine short video (embedded YouTube Flash video) is a brief summary of the Friedman policies for slamming through legislation when we the people are otherwise occupied. And it’s not just legislation — his principles are advocated for our dealings with other nations too. Just like any cancer, it has metastases.

This is a very important video. I’d embed it here, but I’ve already done that once today, and I have my limits when it comes to clogging up this blog with videos (it’s a practice that’s popular elsewhere and which leads to degraded page build times, especially on portable devices).

The video runs a little over six minutes. Take the time to watch it!

Also see author Naomi Klein’s wikipedia entry.

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Fight Club By Chuck Palahniuk

September 15, 2007


Blame Richard Perez, author of the excellent novel The Losers’ Club, for upsetting my Endless Book Queue. He sent out a MySpace Bulletin asking if he was the last person to find out that Palahniuk was gay and then wrote a bit about Palahniuk’s Fight Club.

Intrigued, I got the book. I’d never seen the movie (I am further behind on movies than books…).

This is a hypnotic, amazing novel, unlike any other I’ve ever read.

I don’t know how to go about describing it without ruining any of it. It’s almost like one of those You Had To Be There things.

The unnamed narrator and a guy named Tyler Durden become entwined in a bizarre friendship between one another and a flipped-out young woman named Marla. The narrator’s insomnia and Durden’s daring ultimately lead to the establishment of Fight Clubs, where men can step into a ring hidden in the basements of bars to beat the living shit out of one another. The Fight Clubs in turn lead to the deification of Durden who then goes on to establish a series of Committees: Arson, Assault, Mischief, and Misinformation. It all turns into a cult manned with shaved-head ‘space monkeys” who have wound up, by dint of their low-level positions of employment, infiltrating almost every part of society. Think of a cult as powerful as Scientology but without the outer space bullshit.

The narrator, without ever admitting it, seems to be a closeted gay man whose self-loathing ultimately rears its head (no pun intended) to avenge itself on a society that will not accept him. There’s some stuff about anti-materialism thrown in, but I think that’s a red herring for the real point: self-determination, self-respect, self-acceptance, and Fuck All to a society that wants, above all, homogeneity (again, no pun intended).

Palahniuk’s writing is a revelation. It twists upon itself, plays with time and space, and has a rhythm that just entrances the reader and pulls him into the story.

From the first page I should have understood what was really happening. I didn’t for two reasons: 1) I don’t read books to figure them out while I’m reading them; I read to enter a different world and point of view, and 2) Palahniuk is like an expert magician, using words to pull off a sleight-of-hand.

I’ve never seen the movie. I don’t know if I want to. Movies from books are usually disappointing at best or utter shit (there are exceptions, but they are very rare). If you’ve seen the movie, forget it. Just go and get the book to read. It’s bound to be better. And it’s a reading experience you’ll never, ever forget.

If I Could Be You

September 14, 2007

Previously: Movies You Must See And I Guarantee You Haven’t!


A brilliant book, part of a trio

A stunning screenplay — not one wasted or dull word










Gulley Jimson, artist.

Disheveled, unshaven, chronically short of cash, oppressed by Authority and Suits.

I’d have his life any day over yours.

Reading: September 8 2007

September 8, 2007

Crooked Little Vein by Warren Ellis
— the NYPL got it in. It jumps to the head of the queue.

Still Reading:
I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead: The Dirty Life and Times of Warren Zevon by Crystal Zevon
lyme?! All-lime and all-green furnishing and clothes? Christ, we were all insane… First, to do shit like that. Second, that we bought it.

Book: Heartsick/HeartSick

September 7, 2007

I hate it when they put it both ways in their own materials… is it Heartsick or HeartSick or even Heart Sick?

Someone just wrap me up and trank me. I’m so far behind in what I want and need to post here, plus I’ve totally lost track of who my Friends are on MySpace.

There I was walking past Borders Books in lower Manhattan earlier this week and there’s this frikkin book splattered big in the window.

Today I’m slogging through a monstrous backlog of MySpace Bulletins and it turns out the author of that book is one of my Friends!


Chelsea Cain’s (aka character Gretchen Lowell’s) MySpace page
Chelsea Cain’s website

Richard Perez Has Finished His New Novel!

September 7, 2007

God, I wanted to post this earlier. But Ed Colligan and Steve Jobs have stolen my time this week!

Here is the fantastic good news via MySpace Bulletin:


563 double-spaced pages, that is.

I feel like I’ve had my brains yanked out my asshole. So tired and worn out. Disoriented. No internet or phone (cell off) for nearly 2 months. With the exception of my mega-movie friend, Dontal, no human contact whatsofuckin’ever.

Brutal, baby. Brutal.

I don’t think I’ve ever been this exhausted. I feel like I could just fall asleep and never wake up. (And I wouldn’t care.)

But it was worth it, I guess. The book is really something special.

It’s a lot of things: a youngish bohemian tale (of “artists” wanting to make an impact and, of course, achieve fame), a story of alienated non-conformists (so it has a juvenile delinquent quality), a Thelma and Louise (“buddy love” or “girls on the lam”) story, a sexploitation and S/M (and, yeah, femdom) romp, a lampoon of auteur (a.k.a. ego) film-making, a satire of media celebrity and “true-life” tabloid sensationalism. The tone and humor of the novel is somewhat like Running With Scissors or Dry, but told with the bluntness and crude language of Charles Bukowski at his best, with sardonic touches reminiscent of early Chuck Palahniuk. The claustrophobic, downtown, drug-addicted, end-of-the-line feel is a bit like Party Monster. The fatal love these two gals share is somewhat like Heavenly Creatures. And, yeah, I have to emphasize, it’s a comedy, despite its mock-serious tabloid title.

This fucking novel is really the very best work I’ve every done. On a story level, Tarantino on steroids. Bold and demented, totally packed with vulgarity, obscenity, and crazy in-yo-face behavior. Did I also mention it’s an epic tribute to exploitation movies? Especially “Bad Girl” cinema?

I think I also manage to turn my protagonist (one of the two, actually), Dolores — my crazy, Latina, wassup! non-conformist — into a three-dimensional character. That’s one thing that exploitation films don’t do well: add much character dimension. This girl is crazy, but she’s also real.

The full title of the book is: PERMANENT OBSCURITY: or a Cautionary Tale of Two Girls and Their Misadventures with Drugs, Pornography, and Death

Here’s what the novel looked like originally, when I wrote it out by hand (759 double-sided index cards):


This is what it looks like today, as I printed it out: 563 pages + 2 title pages


This is the title page, as I conceived it: white letters on black. (It’s supposed to be a black comedy, after all.)


As you can see, the real author is Dolores. Dolores Santana. I’ve just been a fuckin’ secretary, taking dictation. This bitch rules! Oh yeah, I use the word “bitch” a lot in the book. (Also, “cunt,” also “ho,” also “twink,” also “slut,” but not “heffah.”) Sorry. I am formally apologizing to old-school feminists as of this moment. (It’s how Dolores talks; she made me do it! She might say to me now: “Yo, stop being such a bitch!”)

Congratulations, Richard! I can’t wait to get the published book to read!

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A Third Post-iTunes Fable For NBC: Steve Jobs Is Journeyman

September 7, 2007

Chuck comes through with a leak of Journeyman!

Some clever NBC promotion embedded within it. Today Show when Zucker reigned.

They went Lost-like with the titles. Brief bit of music & series title.

I have to give credit to a brother writer.

Yeah, the director too. (Support the WGA, DGA!)

The Jman presents some m4Dd skI77z too!

But these next photos explain why NBC cannot beat Steve Jobs. And also how the iPhone came to be.







Do you see NBC? You cannot beat Steve Jobs. He’s a Journeyman too. The iPhone is obviously technology he stole while visiting the future. He’s already seen your abysmal and tragic failure with Amazon’s Unbox. He’s already seen Zucker having to resign in disgrace! He’s already seen a near-dead NBC being unloaded by GE to Rupert Murdoch!


See it! See it!


And the iPhone was created by Apple — in 2020!

Already defeated!

Disclaimer: Publication of these screensnaps is in no way an admission, implicit or explicit, of an illegal act having taken place. In cyberspace, even streamed video can be screensnapped, with no data ever residing in the local computer. Ask your attorneys, Suits. Or even better, ask your Local Chuck — hell, you’re putting on a whole TV series about them!

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