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October 1, 2006

A Man with No Talents by Oyama Shiro, translated by Edward Fowler; Cornell University Press

Master Detective: The Life and Crimes of Ellis Parker, America’s Real-Life Sherlock Holmes by John Reisinger

Action! Nothing Happens Until Something Moves by Robert Ringer

Stand By For Action!

October 1, 2006

OK, it turns out I was wrong wrong wrong about the WordPress web interface not playing nice with the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet. It turned out to be (in)human error. You see, the WordPress web interface is too easy. It’s “OK, you want to make the next word italic? First click on this “i” button, now type your word, now click on the “i” button again.” Yeesh! There I was highlighting text as if I was using a word processor!

This entry is being typed into the 770’s Notes app with my imported-from-China Bluetooth keyboard. This test entry will be the true determinant of how frequently I will blog.

Now to see if it works…

UPDATE: It worked! Now you’re gonna get it!

Gerry Anderson on YouTube

October 1, 2006

YouTube is filled with Gerry Anderson goodness, some of which are:

Supercar opening theme visuals [Update: DMCA takedown as of June 25, 2007 — alternate link]
Fireball XL5 theme visuals
Rare! — Making of Thunderbirds short
UFO opening theme visuals
The Protectors theme visuals [Update: DMCA takedown as of June 25, 2007]
Joe 90 theme visuals [Update: DMCA takedown as of June 25, 2007]
Rare! — Joe 90 ice lolly ad [Update: DMCA takedown as of June 25, 2007]
The Secret Service theme visuals [Update: DMCA takedown as of June 25, 2007]
Rare! — Jif dessert Alien Attack ad
Terrahawks theme visuals [Update: Deleted as of June 25, 2007]
Terrahawks “S.O.S” music video
Space Precinct theme visuals [Update: DMCA takedown as of June 25, 2007]
New Captain Scarlet theme visuals

YouTube is for nuts like me

October 1, 2006

This guy did what I’d been thinking of doing. Took all of the “This Episode” montages from the first season of Gerry Anderson’s “Space:1999” series and edited them together into one video that’s over seven minutes long! Seeing this stuff again, I’m even more amazed at the production values that series had. Great video. Except for having to wade through the irritating Vic Elms rock stuff.

Lust object

October 1, 2006

The Vega microPC.

Available in the U.S. from Dynamism.

YouTube Goodness

October 1, 2006

Living legend, comic genius, and childhood idol Chuck McCann pops up on two hilarious YouTube vids he apparently shot himself!

Stick it on YouTube

Popeye the Sailor

Under construction

October 1, 2006

There will be many rough spots in this thing as I get used to it.

And So It Begins…

October 1, 2006

Upon telling people via email that I thought it was finally time for me to do a blog, I got this reply:



Your computer will smoke, get red-hot…..get you thrown off planes.

The Life Giving Bile will jump off the screen….

…and so it shall!

More on the way.

This initial post was done via the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet. And then I edited it on a Mac mini at an Apple Store, because WordPress doesn’t play nice with the 770. At least not yet.