Digital Life: What I Saw, Day Two

Like most (all?) tech (or all?) companies, I don’t like to pre-announce what’s going to appear here. Not because of the potential disaster of “sales” dropping or “customers” going elsewhere, but because certain technical aspects might prevent fulfilling my obligation.

For instance, tonight I plan to write about the Sony Reader again, as well as the new Pepper Pad 3. But since I am doing this away from home on the Nokia 770, it all depends on whether the 770’s battery holds out! No AC where I am.

For now, there’s this:

The Microtrack 24/96 – Billed as a “professional 2-channel mobile digital recorder,” it looks like it would be a necessary piece of equipment for those who take (p)odcasting seriously.

Neuros – Displaying and explaining their mpeg4 recorder 2 and OSD, both of which can “record live TV, movies, TV shows and home videos from any source (Cable/Satellite TV, DVD, DVR/PVR, VCR, Camcorder, Console Games…)” and “play [the recordings] directly on most handhelds: Video iPod, PSPs, Smartphones and mobile phones, PDA/Pocket PC, PMP and laptops.” I’d never before seen these in person and was shocked at how tiny they are. (You can tell my video days are rooted in VHS tapes!) Neuros is offering 20% off by using the Coupon Code DL2006.

iSee – A remarkable add-on for the iPod (5G 60/80GB models excluded) that allows video to be recorded directly onto and iPod and then played on its larger screen. Get this: You can also record to the (original) nano! I saw a nano playing back video with my own eyes.

Steffi Thomas, Inc. – A handsfree cellphone headset that can also be attached to a fashion headband. Not only are they stylish, they have the extraordinary quality of actually fitting women’s ears! (That’s right, guys. It’s not your gal’s ears — it’s the man-sized plugs!) They’re offered for sale at Swapsets.

nowthen – A site launched just yesterday [Oct 12 2006] hat enables people to upload via MMS text messaging cellphone-cam photos to quickly share with others.

LimeLife – A website “with a dedicated focus on the women’s market,” is something I’m not qualified to judge!

White Box Robotics – Demonstrating its PC-BOT. It has a jawbreaker price right now, but by next year should cost half that. It uses industry-standard parts so, for example, its bundled webcam can be swapped out for a higher-resolution one.

Stacker 2 Energy Shot – I tried the BlackJax drink. Tasted, as forewarned, like medicine. Like a cough syrup. I didn’t feel particularly different. My broadband metabolism probably didn’t even notice it.

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