The Best-Laid Plans, &c…

October 16, 2006

Yes, yes, yes.

I know I pre-announced stuff.

I’m working on it.

Let me tighten the noose around my neck some more: The Sony Reader will now be three parts.


There will soon be much to read.

In the meantime, why not check out the links under Blogroll? (Hardly anything there is a blog, but these are still early days here and I haven’t gotten around to customizing that title. And there are still more links to add over there. More Categories to add too.)

Must go for today. 770 battery going flat…

Even More Delays…

October 16, 2006

I’ve been sitting at my little Chinese Bluetooth keyboard trying to write about the Sony Reader and it’s just not happening.

Something is holding me back. Either I am missing some critical piece of information or there’s something I haven’t yet considered. Whatever it is, it’s hitting my brakes. The words I want will not come out.

And I’m not going to torment myself by trying to squeeze them out.

All of you will have to wait some more for my Sony Reader write-up.

Which, by the way, will now be two parts.

And that’s as much as I intend to pre-announce!

Except to say I also have a loose ends piece about Digital Life still to do. And I’ve also started a post explaining this blog.

The NY Times Great Read was a waste. Last year it must have had close to 100 authors. Bryant Park looked like a tent city. There were many tents with individual authors I could go up to and chat with. This time, those small tents were gone and maybe 30 authors were put on panels in less than a half dozen larger tents, forcing audiences to stand around like cattle. I don’t understand what happened. Last year seemed to be a great success. I smell the murderous hand of the Internet… first Tower Records, now book publishing?

I never intended to do this blog every day. I have no idea how someone like Warren Ellis does it. A daily blog, a forum, a ton of other things, plus he has time to do actual real writing. Stunning.