Jealous of Judie

October 18, 2006

She’s gotten to see the new Dexter series.

Blogged it here, her new home post-The Gadgeteer.

I’ll have to content myself with this quote from the first book:

“Gimme the fucking creeps,” Doakes grumbled. I began to appreciate the man’s finer qualities. Of course I gave him the fucking creeps. The only real question was why he was the only one in a room filled with cops who had the insight to get the fucking creeps from my presence. [Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay; Copyright © 2004 by Jeff Lindsay; pg. 76]

Writer Added

October 18, 2006

Pay attention.

Just added K. A. Bedford to the Blogroll.

His first book, Orbital Burn, is an astonishing debut and worth buying.

If his publisher is on the ball, they’ll be eager to get his work on the Sony Reader.


That’d account for where part of my $50 in free Connect books would go…

Oh no. Like the R.E.M. song, “I said too much…”

But I haven’t said enough!