Go Home! Stay Home!

Had to go places and do things in Manhattan Friday and Saturday evenings. That was a mistake. Half the population are Germans, leeeeeeeisurely strolling. The other half are domestic out-of-state eejits who escaped from mental institutions. Both are conspiring to drain my life force by clogging the streets and subway.

Goddam, is this true:

All my life I’ve lived and worked in New York City. It’s actually very ironic because I hate people, and I hate crowded, disgusting places. Even when I was a kid I felt that way. I distinctly remember that when I was younger, I would constantly harass my parents to move us all out to the country somewhere. They never did, though, and so I’ve lived in New York my whole life. I’m not exaggerating either when I tell you that I can’t stand people or that I can’t stand crowded places. I was definitely born in the wrong place. It’s everything, though. To be completely honest, it isn’t just New York that aggravates me. It’s everything and everyone. Where the hell is the inspiration? Can somebody tell me where the inspiration went? — Little New York Bastard by M. Dylan Raskin; page 1; Copyright © 2003 M. Dylan Raskin.

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