(Anti-) Progress Report

October 22, 2006

Working, working, working on it. On everything.

This is what “word processing” on the Nokia 770 — via its built-in Notes app — is like:

Hit Spacebar twice, get four spaces.

Hit Backspace once, it moves two or three spaces.

Look at the screen to find randomly-distributed douuble lettters.

Save the file. Open it up later to find not one blank line between each paragraph, but two or three.

Have the keyboard freeze while the text is finally flowing. Find the last letter the 770 recognized has now been repeated fifty goddammed times! And then: Bluetooth Device Disconnected. Bluetooth Device Connected.

Had a new one tonight: after the behavior described in the last paragraph, I hit Backspace — and it went on to scream through an entire paragraph of unsaved text!

To all those eejits — the ones with the weak egos whose self-esteem is dependent upon everyone approving of their 770 purchase; to the suckups hoping to snag a job in Finland; to the pissant whiners who have never even fondled a 770 — all of you who’ve decried my strafing of the 770: Do you even begin to get a clue now?

I’ve gotten Part One of the Reader stuff finished; at least in first draft. Trying to get on with Part Two is just driving me mad for tonight.

Go to sleep. I am.

I Miss Jack Tramiel

October 22, 2006

I’ve got to read this.

On the Edge: the Spectacular Rise and Fall of Commodore by Brian Bagnall

With “DVD Extras” here

Wikipedia does Commodore_64. Ah, EasyScript — word processing the goddammed Nokia 770 can’t do as well!

In some years hence, I’m sure: a similar book about Palm.