Nokia: Please Unshackle Me!

Rumors afoot of Nokia releasing a successor to the goddammed 770.

Yes, please do!

I’ll finally feel free of the need to write about the goddammed 770 in some depth!

I hope this new Tablet will have a faster CPU and more RAM — so I can witness how fast every dumb son of a bitch who said the 770’s CPU and RAM were sufficient stands up and states they’re just soooo happy with their current 770 that they’ll pass up buying this new one.

Yeah: And pigs have wings.

Engadget covers the flying pig.

[For those late to this shindig: Nokia gave me a free 770 last year. It would have been a good move except for the teeny-weeny detail that its OS was utter shit! The 2006 OS is better, but the hardware is piss-poor to the task. As if I would just shut up about all this. Yeah, right!]

Update: I’m pissed off that this post is still getting so much traffic. Go read this too. And click on the damned links in it too!

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