The Most Dangerous Place in NYC

So, like last time I go to the NYPL to pick up a book on hold (plus return two books).

I go see the book. It’s fekkin two inches thick and about five pounds! I’m not going to lug that tonight!

Still, I want something to read (as if the others I haven’t yet read aren’t enough!), so I engage in a suicidal act: I browse.

Then I think, has M. Dylan Raskin come out with another book? I check LEO. He has!

Bandanas and October Supplies by M. Dylan Raskin

A thin paper book. Ah, maybe I can get away light… no such luck. I ultimately also wind up with:

Framed by Tonino Benacquista

Shakedown by Charlie Stella

Programming the Universe: A Quantum Computer Scientist Takes On The Cosmos by Seth Lloyd

All together they’re thicker and heavier than the original book I decided not to take today!

The NYPL clouds my mind!

Chew on those neural net!

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