Is Nokia Totally Incompetent?

So I read through the grapevine that an update to Tablet OS 2006 is available.

That’s right: grapevine.

You would think here in the twenty-first century that Nokia would do something modern and sensible, like an email.

Not Our Nokia. No.

Let people have to scramble and dig for it. As if it was a Reward Challenge on Survivor!

Nevertheless, I download and install it.

One of the promised improvements is — and I quote — “improved browser stability.”

I go to YahooMail.

Oh look. My stored username and password was deleted by the upgrade — despite doing a backup and restore! Great. Those other passwords I never put on paper? — Pfft! Gone! Thanks for that Eff You, Nokia! Right back at ya, too!

I sign on. I hit Check Mail.

The browser immediately crashes!

Thanks for the second Eff You, Nokia! Right back at ya, too!

Later, I open a critical text file I had to put on the goddammed 770. A minor edit. Save.

Open it again later and there’s the third Eff You from Nokia — blank lines inserted after every Return! A bug introduced with the last 2005 update!

What have you Finns been doing that you let that stand? Which are you:

1) Inept?
2) Incompetent?
3) Stupid?
4) Lazy?
5) Or just contemptuous of your customers?

Which?!! Feel free to add another choice, even “We’re just a pack of blithe assholes.”

For all their alleged “improvements,” the on-screen keyboard still disappears before I’ve finished entering a filename into the Save box! A bug introduced with Tablet OS 2006!

It makes me wonder: Is that leaked new Tablet — the one that looks like it was “designed” by Borat! — going to have the same damned bugs the 770 has, or will Nokia come up with some new, creative, and exciting ones for the next batch of suckers who are lured in by the “Borat Tablet”?

Right back at ya, Nokia!

[For those late to this lovefest: Nokia gave me a free 770 last year. Aside from totally destroying Linux in my mind, they’ve also made an ugly lie out of the saying, “The best things in life are free.” And let me slap you all awake with this factual reminder: Nokia is a planetary behemoth raking in billions per year. This ain’t no Ma & Pa outfit. Save your sympathy and your mercy for the worthy. Nokia deserves neither, especially a year later!]

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