There Is A Right Way, And There Is The Nokia Way

So, while I had several tabs open, was blogging an entry, and then FURLing an article, Firefox — the new 2.0 flavor — freezes.

Oh shit.

I have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder flashbacks to using Opera on the Nokia 770. Crashing is what it likes to do while pretending to be a web browser.

I have to do CTL-ALT-DEL to try to unfreeze things.

It does.

But Firefox succumbs and goes away.

Oh shit.

I relaunch Firefox while mentally tabulating in my head the steps I have to retrace to get everything back the way it was when… when… when…

Firefox displays a dialog saying it was terminated with several tabs open — and would I like to get those tabs back?

Hell yes!

And it does it!

Contrast that to Opera on the 770. When it goes Poof!, it takes the History list with it!

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