Memos to Sony (#2 of a series)

November 9, 2006

Sony, you’re being cheated!

Sony is currently sponsoring the free WiFi hotspots in lower Manhattan, allegedly maintained by DowntownNY.

I say alleged because the service sucks.

Here is the status of the eight hotspots as of today, Thursday, November 9, 2006:

City Hall Park: Up with good signal.

South Street Seaport: Convince me that it exists! In a year of going there on and off I have never been able to find it!

60 Wall Street Atrium: Down since last Thursday. Hey, now they can throw a one-week anniversary party!

Wall Street Park: In a year of trying, I’ve never been able to find it!

Vietnam Veterans Plaza: In a year of trying, I was shocked to get a signal today!

Bowling Green Park: Up with great signal strength — but I can’t connect!

Stone Street: Up with good signal.

Winter Garden: Also down since Thursday. Today marks a full week!

So out of eight hotspots that are clearly displaying advertisements that boast:

Most NYC hotspots charge a cover.
VAIO brings you 8 for free.

— just what are you getting for your money other than a tarnished reputation due to the negligence of the organization that’s supposed to maintain these services?