Live Zunes In NYC To Fondle!!

Behold, The Zune Cometh!!!

A half-window display of two two-and-a-half-foot Zunes started to go up minutes ago at J&R Computer World (15 Park Row). White (vertical) and Black (horizontal).

Oh, interesting, this from passerby:

Guy: There’s that new Microsoft Zune.

Gal: Why did you say Microsoft?

Guess what occupies the other half of the window?

Sandisk’s Sansa MP3 players!

Which will survive the night? This will be brutal!

I missed the Zune demo in NYC earlier this week, dammit. I really want to see the Brown one.

Microsoft missed a chance, though, making the earphones black. How can I tell a Zuner from a distance? Should have made them red! As in: Red Alert — Zune approaching, let’s jack the WiFi together and swap some shizzle!

If I get one, Girls Don’t Cry is gonna be all over the Zunescape!

Pre-post update: I got to see and hold the Brown one!!! A woman had been supervising the display and I asked if she was with Microsoft and if she had a Zune — I also mentioned I missed the demo day and I really wanted to see the Brown one. She had it and gave me a demo! Man, it is really slick! The screen is gorgeous and the pre-loaded graphics are absolutely killer. This thing just oozes kewwwl (look at what they’ve got me saying!!). I got to hold it too. Shockingly light, nice in the hand, and a covering that doesn’t attract fingerprints or smudges and which isn’t slippery like ice! It turns out there are live Zunes at both Virgin Megastores! After blogging this from City Hall Park, I’m zooming uptown to Zune!

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