Zune Fondle!

Virgin Megastore/Times Square has eight Zunes set up. All of them are Black. The kiosks have canny bottom-lighting to show off the “double-shot” color feature. All three colors are hanging in a glass-enclosed frame on a wall.

I guess the music is the same as what will be in for-sale Zunes. Man, those songs suck! Girls Don’t Cry are better than all those songs combined!

The good stuff is the videos. Very nice work there. I can’t begin to describe them, except to say many are ones I’d keep.

Whoa, even inside Virgin the FM radio worked. I got to see the song title/singer feature work. This is the first time I’ve seen an FM radio make sense.

I also got to play with the WiFi feature! I didn’t time it. It did seem slow but, eh, it’s damned useful!

A bug: When a song title is long, it wipes out the singer/band name in the center-button overlay screen in videos. Sloppy!

Controls were easy to use, 99% intuitive. The Creative Zen Vision:M is dead!

I’m somewhat disappointed with the screen’s color depth. Same as iPod? One video had a lot of color banding.

Overall I’m very impressed and excited. What’s this about it accepting MPEG-4 and H.264 video? Does that mean stuff encoded for the 5G iPod will play on it without any transcoding? That’d be great!

I don’t know about Brown, though. That Black is something! But the White with the black trim around the screen is killer!!

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