NYC Tech Trawl

November 15, 2006

While the weather is still good (warmish, no rain after 3 days of it — more rain tomorrow!), I’m out and about seeing tech.

CompUSA on 57th Street finally has the Samsung Q1 in-store. Live demo unit with the keyboard! It’s now also available in-store — just a few weeks ago, it was a special order.

Saw the box the Zune comes in. It’s tiny! And unlike all prior Microsoft packaging, it’s not ugly. It’s really stylish. Odd, but Virgin MegaStore Times Square only has Black and Brown. Accessories there are rather pitiful. Belkin case — uglee. Gear Bag. A cable. What? — no A/V kit? No travel kit?

Worse at CompUSA.

Me: What accessories did you get in for the Zune?

Saledroid: None.

Samsung continues to kill me! Not only do they have three Qs set up — one of them is the full kit that you’d get at CompUSA: Q1, keyboard, carrying case! Plus, they have the optional CD RW/DVD drive hooked up (which I did not try). The keyboard is very nice — and it weighs practically nothing!

When you go to the Samsung Experience go all the way to the back. They have an 80-inch Plasma HDTV back there that will destroy you. That is what HDTV is supposed to look like — not these dinky oversized LCD computer monitors that I can see every damned pixel of! It’s 80 inches of bloodyjawdroppingecstacy! Weighs over 700 pounds, takes a team to set up, and — if they sold it (they don’t!) — costs $150,000.

Worth it!!

Still, I have to wonder — I forgot to ask! — what the electrical draw on something like that is. $1,000/month electric bill? (Yeah, I know: if you can afford to drop $150K on a TV, the electric bill is handled by your accountant!)

But it’s incredible! Go see it!

Blogging this from the Apple Store Mothership, via a Mac Mini.

On to other places before it starts raining or getting cold…