PlayStation 3 Mania

PlayStation 3 Offers Supercomputer Performance at PC Pricing, iSuppli’s Teardown Analysis Reveals — even I, with no interest in games, stood up and took notice of this:

[M]ore processing power and capability than any consumer electronics device in history

— and —

At these costs, Sony is taking a considerable loss on each PlayStation 3 sold. Materials and manufacturing costs for the 20Gbyte model exceed the suggested retail price of $499 by a total of $306.85, iSuppli’s Teardown Analysis service estimates. For the 60Gbyte version, costs exceed the $599 price by $241.35.

— and —

“To give an example of how cutting-edge the design is, in the entire history of the iSuppli Teardown Analysis team, we have seen only three semiconductors with 1,200 or more pins. The PlayStation 3 has three such semiconductors all by itself,” Rassweiler noted.

This report makes my mouth water!

Kutaragi, no wonder this thing drove you round the twist! I hope it crushes everything else. May you be redeemed and ascend the Sony throne!

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