Spoon Moon Zune

November 26, 2006

The Zune anti-luv continues…

I just saw a Zune, and guess what? Its a piece of shit.

Clever Parasite Ad

November 26, 2006

Someone’s been going around Manhattan slapping an ad onto an ad. The parasite ad is on new iPod posters. The ad touts the URL of a podcasting site.

I thought this was so damned clever I remembered the URL and visited the site!

Now I link to it here.

Update: Bad copy/paste. Link fixed!

Get Thee NOT To A Zunery

November 26, 2006

Avoid the loony Zune

Andy Ihnatko — longtime Mac partisan — shreds the Zune at The Chicago Sun-Times.

I especially loved this bit:

“These devices are just repositories for stolen music, and they all know it,” said Doug Morris, CEO of Universal Music Group. “So it’s time to get paid for it.”

Well, Morris is just a big, clueless idiot, of course. Do you honestly want morons like him to have power over your music player?

Morris, you asshole! Congress will wake up to your shakedown shit. Prepare to have your party crashed by warrant-wielding Feds.

Christopher Fowler Slays Me

November 26, 2006

Sheree launched another assault on the English language. ‘St C is blatantly taxin’ us saying it’s someone on this estate just ’cause we got the Saladins and they’re Yahs and they diss us and saying we’re slack and that, so when they come here sharkin’ us we’re gonna bust em up.’ [pg. 152]

— and —

‘That is like so no chance on that!’ squealed Danielle, with her friend in support. [pg. 152]

–from Ten Second Staircase, the fourth Bryant & May mystery by Christopher Fowler

[Excerpts Copyright © 2006 Christopher Fowler. Excerpts used without explicit permission under the Fair Use provisions of Copyright law. CopyNazis can go fuck themselves.]