What The Fuck Do You Mean, “I Don’t Know”?

November 27, 2006

It’s a worldwide story that I won’t even bother to link to: fifty (at least!) bullets shot by the NYPD into a soon-to-be-groom’s vehicle following a bachelor party.

As if that isn’t enough to send me into a fury, what came next is even worse.

The Mayor and Police Commissioner decide to hold a press conference today.

Mark those key words: they decide.

So when the questions come from the press, what do most of their answers consist of?

“I don’t know.”

Well why the fuck don’t you know?!!?

Youscheduled this goddammed meeting to report to us, your bosses (you do remember who the fuck puts that money in your bank accounts, right?), and you basically drop your pants before us and show us that you’re dickless?

What the fuck is this?

How fucking DARE you!

If I came before either of you smug bastards in a job interview, would either of you find “I don’t know” an acceptable reply to any interview question you lobbed at me? Would either of you hire me on the basis of “I don’t know”?

Then why the fuck do you expect me as your employer to accept your bullshit “I don’t know” replies today?!!?

What the bloody fuck is wrong with you people?