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December 31, 2006

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December 2006 subhead: I Rate Irate

November 2006 Contents
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Copyright Copywrongs


Copyright Copywrongs

December 30, 2006

How the anti-copyright lobby makes big business richer

With mass rip-offs on the Web and the unit value of images crashing, photographers can no longer make a living independently from their work, and so are driven towards working for these corporations to earn a living. As digital content becomes more commodified, the more certain it is that only big business can profit from it, thanks to their economies of scale.

[…] Advocates who put out material under a “copy me” license or in the public domain usually have a day job. I don’t. My photography is my job. Authors who do this it’s usually a publicity gimmick or a loss-leader.

In reality, what is happening on the web is the transfer of the authors’ labour to large corporations for nothing. Anti-copyright lobbyists have become either unwitting allies, or shills, for big business.

A must-read. It should be clear that I am pro-Copyright but anti-CopyNazi.

See Girls Don’t Cry NOW!

December 30, 2006

The video is now up here.

And me stuck on The Biggest Piece Of Shit Known To Man!
Which means I can’t see it!

Cue tears.


December 29, 2006

That’s the sound Lurch would make in the classic 1960s TV series The Addams Family.

That’s also what my life has been like the past few days.

That move I’ve been assisting, phase one is complete. It’s been just like The Fall of Saigon. A rushed withdrawal with much left behind.

Phase two, dealing with the detritus, is Urrrrrrr.

Never buy a bagless vacuum cleaner if it will be used to suck cat litter and cat hair. I’ve been stuck with one for clean-up and its wee filter — approximately 1.5″ diameter — gets clogged every fifteen to thirty seconds! It’s like having a vacuum cleaner with the capacity of a tablespoon!


Supersize That!

December 26, 2006

Pill that tricks you into losing weight

The Boston conference heard that Excalia, being developed by the Californian company Orexigen, was given to 27 obese people for 24 weeks. Almost three quarters lost five per cent of their weight and half shed ten per cent. By 48 weeks most had lost 12 per cent of their weight.

McDonald’s, KFC, Toxic Bell, and the rest will find a way to incorporate it into their, ahem, food.

Yoto’s MP4: I Want One Too!

December 26, 2006

See? All of you laughed out of your asses when I expected a ten-buck camera to work.

Well look at what just fifty bucks will get!

Yeah, now all of you want it too!

I Ought To Make A List

December 26, 2006

You wouldn’t believe the search queries that lead people to this blog.

photos of the cane done to girls


I never take pictures!

And since returning the shit from Sakar, I can’t!