So, Are PDAs Really Really Dead?

December 17, 2006

Two articles [one, two] that have been whizzing around the net highlight the collection and organization of thought.

Neither article even mentions PDAs in passing.

It’s as if PDAa no longer exist.

No: It’s as if PDAs never existed!

And these are articles on tech-savvy sites by tech-savvy people!

I can’t understand this at all.

I live by my PalmOS device. I can’t imagine existing without it. It keeps my thoughts, it reminds me of things I need to do, it allows me to keep trivia out of my head yet within easy reach.

How is it that the authors of these two articles skip over PDAs completely? How is it that one of them actually turns to 19th-century pen and paper?

Palm Computing has been in existence for over ten years. For ten years they’ve flogged the idea of a Personal Digital Assistant — or, as they termed it, a “connected organizer.”

According to these two articles, all the time, money, and energy Palm spent in that decade’s-plus worth of time was a waste.

Did the message never get through?

Or was even the simplicity of PalmOS still too much for even these tech-savvy people?

Or was the simplicity of PalmOS not enough for these tech-savvy people? (Come on, though: pen and paper? Was it then handed over to a secretary to type?)

This is just all too strange.

LifeDrive Vs. LifeFlash Specs

December 17, 2006


MP3 Play Back (LCD Off, 20% Data Access rate)
MD – 8.75 Hours (Real Test)
CF – 13.8 Hours
+57% of lifetime

Movie Play Back Only
MD – 2.5 Hours (Real Test)
CF – 4.6 Hours
+84% of lifetime

Wi-Fi Browsing
MD – 2.0 Hours (Real Test)
CF – 3.2 Hours
+60% of lifetime

Book reading (20% Data Access rate)
MD – 4.4 Hours
CF – 5.2 Hours
+18% of lifetime

Congratulations to Warren Ellis

December 17, 2006

Two novels sold.

He is the genius behind Global Frequency.

And I’m still waiting for my P2P viewing to go legit. Isn’t there anyone out there who wants my money?!!?