I Don’t Want A Treo, Dammit!

December 18, 2006

The PDA Is NOT Dead But Rather The People Just Gave Up

I will NEVER GO BACK TO PEN AND PAPER. The PDA is not dead, even when most people may say it is. It is there to stay, regardless of how Palm and others may not seem to come up with new models. There is the need for it, even if Palm decides tomorrow that there’s no more new standalone Palms. Someone else will make them. Or, worst yet, I’ll pay someone to fix my standalone Palm if it needs fixing. I will keep using a Palm or PDA device well until the day I die. Now that I’ve been “converted”, I will never go back to the dark ages.

Where’s my 8GB flash memory LifeDrive 2, Palm?

Memos To Sony (Part 2 in a Series)

December 18, 2006

Sony to enter video download market

Sony is to gatecrash the fledgling market in handheld devices to play downloaded video content early next year when it launches a service for the PlayStation Portable.

Errr… don’t you think you guys should straighten out the ebookstore for the Sony Reader first? Why try to climb a mountain when you’re still struggling with an anthill?

Nokia: Samsung Is Gonna Kill You!

December 18, 2006

And good bloody riddance to you too!

Check out the incredible videos over at SlashGear of that tech-lust-cramp-inducing unfolding Samsung SPH-P9000. Hmmm… WordPress does not like the direct SlashGear link (it ends in .php), so take a detour through this pocketables link.


Judie at Gear Diary has some great pictures and info here.

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Tech Lust Cramp Alert

The Playground Of The Mind

December 18, 2006

Sign of the Future

How I got diagnosed with Bipolar / Manic Depression

(Sign of the Future by Arenamontanus, filched from flickr)