The Girls Were Hot Hot HOT!!!

December 19, 2006

Jesus, they were so good tonight!

I’m talking about Girls Don’t Cry — see previous post (right below this one).

Ever since I sent the Casio Exilim through a washing and drying — not once, but twice! — I’ve been without a digital camera. Well, tonight I picked one up. For ten bucks! And, as you will see, I got what any intelligent person would have expected from a ten-buck camera. But me, I wasn’t so intelligent. I thought just maybe ten dollars still had some real value.

Fat bloody chance!

Herewith are all the photos the camera captured:

Stage setup
Stage setup

Caitlin (can anyone besides me tell?)

I think this might be the Girls on stage… yeesh

On stage
I just don’t know! That’s part of the skating rink, though… I think.

Well, I can see a guitar…

The Girls tuning up on stage. Can anyone but me tell?

The blur on the left is Caitlin, the one on the right is Hannah.

Those blurs are some of the Girls on stage, tuning…

More blurs
Three of the Girls reduced to blurs…

Even blurrier
Two of the Girls tuning on stage, reduced to blurs…

I Just Have No Bloody Idea!

Really, that’s four Girls on stage tuning. Caitlin all the way on the left. The others are headless blurs…

I swear to God, that’s supposed to be Hannah! She will kill me for this!

What is supposed to be Girls on stage is actually a space-time continuum!

Caitlin face
If you lift up your monitor, tilt it at the right angle and squint, you’ll see that this is a picture of Caitlin!

Oh my God. I’ve decapitated Liz!!

Jesus! Someone nearly recognizable! Sora!

I cut off Hannah’s head too!

This is so humiliating!!

So aside from covering the fantastic performance of Girls Don’t Cry tonight (they really went into orbit when they did What Do You Think Of Me Now? and stayed there till the end!), all of you are also getting an object lesson in the revenge effect of Buying Cheeep: Do Not Do It!

Sorry, Girls!! You were really great tonight. You are all going to be Really Huge Stars.

But my alleged photos have turned all of you into Really Big Blurs.

Sorry, Girls! Sorry Caitlin, Hannah, Liz, Rachael, and Sora!

What a revoltin’ development!

(FYI: This is very similar to the camera I have. Probably the same damned thing, with a restyled body. I wish I had read these comments before buying! At least now you know. Stay Away From It!)

Tuesday December 19 6:30PM: Get Out And Rock!

December 19, 2006

Girls Don’t Cry will be performing FREE tonight at Bryant Park’s skating rink at 6:30PM! That’s right behind the main New York Public Library — the one with the twin lions.

Go see the next mega-hit band before everyone else jumps on their skyrocketing bandwagon!

GDC poster