Pepper Pad 3 Gets More Attention

December 22, 2006

Decent stuff about the Pepper Pad 3

With photos!

Bad Camera Kill Kill!!

December 22, 2006

I took about, oh, maybe 30 pictures today. You won’t be seeing those.

First the damned camera wiped them out when I turned it on at one point.

Second when I synced to transfer the next lot over, it turns out it never deleted the photos I took first thing this morning! So, the second batch of photos never even got on it.

Nor, now that I think about it, did the first new batch!

So what the hell did it delete?

Now I’m pissed. I think I’ll see about returning this camera after all.

There have got to be thirty-dollar cameras that are less aggravating!

Avoiding The Real Life

December 22, 2006

Oh my god.

Witnessing someone descending into a psychotic madness is frightening as all shit.

And I don’t mean me traipsing down those stairs.

I’ve been helping someone with a massive move.

And. She. Is. Losing. It.

Really. She is in danger of being carted away.

Give me strength!

More Bad Photos

December 22, 2006

Photos taken this morning, December 22, 2006…

Dawn breaks over Brooklyn.

More of dawn.

Still more dawn. Near Satan Island Ferry Terminal.

Some of the Terminal parapet/overpass/ramp.

A shot of the Ugliest Place On Earth: Satan Island!

More of that dawn. It was very pretty. Not that you could tell from this fekkin camera!

Some views of the Ugliest Place On Earth. Possible tourist slogans…

“Come See Ugly.”

“It’s Not Death. But You Will Wish It Was!”

“Hell Is Better Than This.”

M. Dylan Raskin Died Looking At This Photo. You Can Too!”

“You Only Live Once. And We Can Cut That Short For Ya!”

“Inspiration Is For Sissies. Have Some Desperation!”

“We Put Art On Walls Here. And Even That Is Ugly Too!!”