Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These

HD disk format wars are over

THE NEXT GENERATION disk format has been settled once and for all. Thanks to the due diligence, hard work and unprecedented cooperation between the media companies, the hardware vendors and the OS vendor, we finally have a solution. It is quite easy, Piracy, the better choice(TM).

Oh I dream of the day when all those motherfucking attorneys and ex-Wall Street vultures are crushed out of their bloodclot jobs and there are no longer any leeches, roadblocks, or other impediments between Creators and Audience.

Get your Cardboard Box Condos ready, you no-talent bullshitting bastards.

Doing my bit to aid their future beggardom:

Illegal Video Downloads Surpass Legal Alternatives 5 to 1

According to the NPD Group, a consumer and retail information company, for every legally downloaded video file, there are five illegally downloaded ones on P2P networks and BitTorrent sites.

BitTorrent Tutorial Roundup

Here’s a roundup of some of the BitTorrent related tutorials we wrote this year. Twelve tutorials in total, so there will probably be something interesting for everyone.

Don’t Cry For The Suits.

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