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January 31, 2007

From first post to last (did I really do all this?!!?) —

January 2007 subhead: Bile, Spite, Venom, Spleen: The Good Stuff
Larry Beinhart
Two About LifeDrive
TV Is So Dead, Really!
Bravo, Joel Stein!
Goo-Goo Ga-Ga
Wii Wee-Wees On Nokia 770
Another Tyrant Not To Luv?
Very Very Nice Photo Tip
Filthy. Nasty. Funny. I Like!
Nokia 770 Plumbs New Depths Of Shit!
Hey Microsoft! “Bribe” ME! Puhleeze!!
Nokia 770: Now Twice As Shitty
New Category: LifeDrive
Blame the Nokia 770, Dammit!
Anticipation Drooooool!
tnkgrl hs a blg!
Philip K. Dick Called It A Printer
Catch Up To My Desires Before I Die!
Nokia N800: Run For Your Lives!!!
Vega Gets A Shrug
I Will Only Ever Own ONE — ALIVE too!
LifeDrive Notes: An Ongoing Series
Whoa! Slick Redesign.
LifeDrive Notes: Converting Video
LifeDrive Notes: Saguaro
Some Future Blog Plumbing
CrunchGear Has Balls!
Nokia N800: Still Shit!
Coming Real Soon Now: My FINAL Nokia Post
LifeDrive Notes: Saguaro Video
Because This Is The Future
He Must Have Been A Great Kid
Ooh, Myst3ry M4th!
Reminder: See The Girls Perform Live On Video!
Corporations Want Money From You, Not Hugs
LifeDrive Notes: Some Freebies
More Movies I Haven’t But Now Want To See
Tech Lust Pains
Tip: Use The Categories Sidebar!
LifeDrive Notes: It Got No Luv
Nokia N800 Goes Live
Pepper Pad 3: Disappointments
TV: From Black And White To Infinity
Idolize This!
Fake iPod Nano Update
What Looks Like a Pepper Pad 3 But Isn’t?
Sweating Sweating Sweating…
Jobs Does Long Foreplay
iPhone Is LifeDrive II?
Engadget Has iPhone Photo Gallery
Nokia 770: The Endgame
Why Hasn’t Anyone Noticed The iPod Is Dead?
Some Questions About the Apple iPhone
Michael Mace Does Comedy Now
Sammy’s Got A New Blog
iPhone Size
Another Fake
Bravo Nicholas Carr!
New iPhone Site
TV: From Infinity to Affinity
Aum Shinrikyo Redux
An iPhone WTF?
Whoa! A Newton Cellphone?
Steven Levy Nails It Again
Have an iPhone NOW!
Alan Pritt Sees Far
770 Shitcanned By Nokia
CopyNazis Filthier Than Ever
For Those Who Like Pepper
Pepper Pad 3 Upgrade News
Pepper Pad Wiki
Chuma Covers Pepper Pad
Web Reference: Pepper Pad 3
Fantasy Island
Palm Users: Get An iPhone Now!
Web Reference: Listening to Podcasts on a Palm Device
New Category: Reference
New Category: Contents
Reminder To Me
New Feature: Snap
Palm Users: Grab iPhoney NOW!
Applenomics, Or Why Steve Jobs Will Now Hate Me For Ever And Ever
Now This Makes Sense: USBTV
Who, Me?!!?
More From That Test…
Hey, I Won’t Cry At MY Noose, Either!
Be A Cheap Bastard Like Me
David Bamford Kills Me!!
Hello To China
You Can’t Take The Sky From Me
Holy Shit! Record Traffic Day!
The Article That Eats Your Brain
Is iPhony Illegal?
Don’t Mess With Judie!
Second Busiest Day!
China Sets Blog Record Here!
Well Just How Stupid Is This?
As I Said: iPhone Vs. Universal Music
Another Paper iPhone
LifeDrive Notes: The Arrival
Let’s Do The Moebius Strip!
There Is A Righteous Rage
Pepper Pad 3 Fondle Video
Hot New Poster From The Hot Hot Girls!
Sammy Kills New Site
So When Will Pepper Pad 3 Get This?
Help Out Someone Being Crushed By MammothMedia!
LifeDrive Notes: Behold! It Is It.
LifeDrive Notes: Brick Or No Brick?
LifeDrive Notes: Internal Exploration
Lifedrive Notes: dd rescue
Apple’s Future Anti-Competitive Court Date Looms…
Cancel That Trip To Fantasy Island
LifeDrive Notes: Microdrive Removal
Fear The Future
LifeDrive Notes: Why A LifeDrive?
One Of These Days I Will See This
How’d This Guy Get On The Net?
Some Numb3r Luv
LifeDrive Notes: Software To Possibly Try
Girls Don’t Cry: Making History At The Bitter End
And Then Google’s Stock Finally Thank You Jesus Crashes And Takes The Entire Global Economy Down The Toilet, Thank You Science!
Harlan Ellison’s T-Shirt Rules Here
LifeDrive Notes: Failure #1
Why Did I Ever Leave Fandom?
Blogroll Changes
Book Drooooool!
Apple’s Yellow Submarine Video iPod?
Girls Don’t Cry: Upstate Mini-Tour
LifeDrive Notes: dd
digg Digs This Blog
You See? You See? Your Stupid Minds! Stupid! Stupid!
Rebates Are Shuck & Jive Bullshit
Officer Joe Bolton
Another Kiddie TV Post
Steve Jobs: The Sixth Beatle?
U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!
10K To 40K!
Vega Gets Another Review
Widescreen iPod: Multi-Touch Need Not Apply
iPhone: The Must Read
Lifedrive Notes: Dmitry’s Software To Try
Lifedrive Notes: CodeJedi Software To Try
Entering A Second Decade Of Disappointment, Deafness, And Doom From Those Eejits At Palm
Reference: CopyNazi Detection
Palm’s Third Business?
Ain’t It The Truth!
And I’ll Vote For Him In 2008 Too, Dammit!
Philip K. Dick Freaks Me Out Even While He’s Dead (And He’s Still Dead, Isn’t He?)
That (Mac) Girl
LifeDrive Notes: Video Podcasts, iTunes, Flickr
Errrr… Because Palm Be Eejits And Palm Desktop Ain’t No iTunes Store Neither!
Zune Review Parts 1 & 2
LifeDrive Notes: More On Video
Reminder To Me: Try Serph
Tech prOn: Lifebook 1610
Giving PalmOS The Joan Rivers Treatment
Ralph Nader In New York City
From Television To Podvision
Best Drudge Headline Ever
Girls Don’t Cry Start At Pianos Thursday February 1st
TV: From Podvision To Stevevision


TV: From Podvision To Stevevision

January 31, 2007

Those guys at Apple Recon are good: Apple TV 2.0.

See earlier From Television To Podvision

Girls Don’t Cry Start At Pianos Thursday February 1st

January 31, 2007


Pianos is at 158 Ludlow St LES, NYC, NY 10002. 212.505.3733

Best Drudge Headline Ever

January 31, 2007

Sorry, but I have to use a screensnap for this.


Captured Tuesday, January 30, approximately 9PM EST.

From Television To Podvision

January 30, 2007

RSS is coming to your living room, and TV viewing will never be the same again.

Coming to your TV: RSS


January 30, 2007

Snap was added to this blog by default by WordPress. There’s been an outcry (not here, though) over its use. I’ve dug around in the bowels of the machinery here and turned off Snap.

Ralph Nader In New York City

January 30, 2007

The Ralph Nader documentary, An Unreasonable Man, will premiere at the IFC Center in New York City tomorrow, January 31st. Call 212-924-7771 for tickets. Ralph Nader will appear in person.

Go see what a real man of true conviction is like.