TV: From Podvision To Stevevision

January 31, 2007

Those guys at Apple Recon are good: Apple TV 2.0.

See earlier From Television To Podvision

Girls Don’t Cry Start At Pianos Thursday February 1st

January 31, 2007


Pianos is at 158 Ludlow St LES, NYC, NY 10002. 212.505.3733

Best Drudge Headline Ever

January 31, 2007

Sorry, but I have to use a screensnap for this.


Captured Tuesday, January 30, approximately 9PM EST.

From Television To Podvision

January 30, 2007

RSS is coming to your living room, and TV viewing will never be the same again.

Coming to your TV: RSS


January 30, 2007

Snap was added to this blog by default by WordPress. There’s been an outcry (not here, though) over its use. I’ve dug around in the bowels of the machinery here and turned off Snap.

Ralph Nader In New York City

January 30, 2007

The Ralph Nader documentary, An Unreasonable Man, will premiere at the IFC Center in New York City tomorrow, January 31st. Call 212-924-7771 for tickets. Ralph Nader will appear in person.

Go see what a real man of true conviction is like.

Giving PalmOS The Joan Rivers Treatment

January 30, 2007

But without those scary cat eyes!

Reinventing the Palm OS: A How-To Guide

It certainly needs an Extreme Makeover!

Hello, Saguaro?

Tech prOn: Lifebook 1610

January 30, 2007

Pictorial: Unboxing the Fujitsu P1610 (at last!)

Well, folks, here they are – the long overdue P1610 unboxing pics. Please note that this is the XP version, not the Vista version that will start shipping soon. Vista benchmarks haven’t been very encouraging so far, and I wanted to keep my options open.

Reminder To Me: Try Serph

January 30, 2007


Last spring we started developing Serph, a tool that helps you find what other people are saying on the web right now. For a couple of months now we have slowly been inviting a handful of people into our closed beta for testing and feedback. As of yesterday we have officially gone from a closed beta to a more “open” beta. So if you are interested in trying Serph head on over and signup, we are now letting people in. Read further if you want to know more about our reasoning behind developing it and how it works.

Serph’s Up

LifeDrive Notes: More On Video

January 30, 2007

Watch Videos and/or Movies on your Palm OS device

AsfTools Official Home Page!

AsfTools is a free windows 98/ME/2000/XP program to process ASF,WMV and WMA files.

Features include:
-Join & Split
-Many different Repairing Tools
-Most operations are done without re-compressing so the quality will not degrade
-Converting ASF/WMV format to AVI
-Extracting audio stream and saving it as WAV
-Converting WMV1/WMV2 format to MP43
-Making the stream files “Seekable”
-Creating ASX file
-And more …

FAQ for above