Catch Up To My Desires Before I Die!

January 5, 2007

Seagate Confirms 1TB Hard Disk Drive

Hitachi Shatters Capacity Record with World’s First Terabyte Hard Drive

How prosaic and unexciting is that?

I want 1TB in a pocketable device with at least 50 hours of power life. I’d settle for either an iPod or LifeDrive like that! (OK, Zune too!)

And give me stem cell therapies and nanotech too, dammit!

I resent being matter. Ease the burden!

Philip K. Dick Called It A Printer

January 5, 2007

No matter (no pun intended) what it’s called, I want it!

Software Control of Matter

Your Homework:
Nano by Ed Regis

FAB: The Coming Revolution on Your Desktop–From Personal Computers to Personal Fabrication by Neil Gershenfeld

tnkgrl hs a blg!

January 5, 2007

tnkgrl Mobile



January 5, 2007

Recommended earlier, I’ve now added David Bamford’s nastily hilarious blog to the blogroll. [blog dead]

Now go get yourselves all Bamfordized and right with the world.

Anticipation Drooooool!

January 5, 2007

Me contemplating the arrival of my LifeDrive:


Payment has been sent out. Be good to me you great people at USPS!

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