Coming Real Soon Now: My FINAL Nokia Post

And it will be a fondle of the N800 goddammit!

I will be soon traveling to a location I will not disclose to put one in my paws and try the hell out of it.

All of you who are soon going to be doing likewise, heed this:

A virgin 770 is speedy. Once you get it home, start to really use it, put files on, take files off, add/remove programs, etc, etc, it eventually becomes as slow as a constipated bowel movement.

That is what my 770 is like right now.

It’s been like that after every OS update too! I don’t expect it to be any different with the Tablet OS 2007 the N800 is running. So I’m not going to be fooled by the speed of a virgin N800. Nor should you be.

I went and saw this YouTube video of the N800 in action. It demonstrates YouTube on the N800. Let’s see if: a) Nokia releases Tablet OS 2007 for the 770 and b) if that brings this near-capability to the 770.

After my last Nokia post, you poor bastards are on your own! None of you have any idea of how many dirty sons of bitches are out there touting for Nokia, not telling the truth about the 770. Don’t cry to me if you get one and then soon feel cheated.

And a word to Nokia: You probably have not liked one single word of what I have written. Tough fucking shit to all of you! You put out a crappy product — repeatedly, if I count OS “updates” (and I do!) — and I’ve told the truth. Had you put out an excellent product, you would have basked in my glowing words. So look in the mirror if you want someone to slap around. I’d tell you to stop releasing such shit, but I no longer care. You had my attention, wasted it, and will never have a chance at it again.

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