What Looks Like a Pepper Pad 3 But Isn’t?

January 8, 2007

I stopped into J&R tonight and walked out with a fake Pepper Pad 3.

For free!

I swear, the front of it has the same buttons, screen, stylus, speakers, split keyboard, and wonderful roller.

Lying flat on the table here in front of me, it has the same dimensions as the Pepper Pad 3.

Damn, it’s almost just like having a Pepper Pad 3!

Except for a few things:

1) It won’t turn on or off.

2) The stylus won’t detach, the keys won’t press, the roller won’t roll, and the speakers will never have sound come out of them.

3) One of the dimensions of this fake Pepper Pad 3 is off. Its thickness. It’s just cardboard thin!

That’s because it’s an actual-size cardboard brochure for the Pepper Pad 3!

Which reminds me just how much I love actual-size flyers and brochures!

Palm used to spit them out for every model of PDA. I collected as many as I could.

In contrast, very few Pocket PC manufacturers ever did such a thing.

I think this move by Pepper is just brilliant. I can plop it onto this little stand I use for The Biggest Piece Of Shit Known To Man and imagine what it would be like to use my Bluetooth keyboard with a machine that would welcome it. (I did try this in fact, for real, earlier.)

With so many pocketable and “handable” devices being announced at CES, I hope every single manufacturer will see the wisdom of what Pepper has done and issue their own actual-size brochures.

And make sure I get a copy of each one too!

Fake iPod Nano Update

January 8, 2007

Oh, those Chinese are getting faster at this! Earlier I posted a picture of a storefront that contained a black box that was the packaging for a fake iPod nano.

I just went by that store tonight. New in the window in front of that same box is a line-up of four new nano knockoffs — of the “new iPod nano, remixed” style! Four colors: dark silver-gray, black, dark blue, and dark red. Really, for a second or two I thought I was looking at real nanos until I noticed the crappy fake wheel. They’ve changed M back to MENU. This time it’s at the center of the wheel.

Same price: $69. And, I’m sure, still the same fall-apart non-working shit.

Idolize This!

January 8, 2007

‘Idol’ Juggernaut Passes $2.5 Billion in Value; Keeps Expanding

Conservatively valued at $2.5 billion as a franchise, the “American Idol” empire already brings in $500 million a year in TV ad dollars, including a number of $30 million to $50 million core sponsorship packages, music sales, live tours — read: more sponsorship revenue as well as ticket sales — and an explosion of products from 40 licensees.

Entire program online
But that’s just the beginning. Despite the TV show being crammed with ads from 137 marketers in the past two years — along with three core partners integrated into the content — Fremantle Media, the rights holder to “Idol,” is making room for new ad opportunities by streaming the entire program at AmericanIdol.com after it airs. Already signed on to support the website are marketers including McDonald’s and MasterCard.

TV: From Black And White To Infinity

January 8, 2007

4GM: And Network Television Dies Right … Now

For men 18-24, their XBox is their total entertainment hub. Microsoft created the perception first, and then tuned it in the direction they wanted it to go. It’s typical Microsoft, too — let Apple do all the fancy footwork, then come in and glom onto the concepts that work the best.

Pepper Pad 3: Disappointments

January 8, 2007

Pocketables is back with its final installment about the Pepper Pad 3: Disappointing stuff about the Pepper Pad 3.

Not a lot there!

Nokia N800 Goes Live

January 8, 2007

Nokia N800 In Short

Coming later this week: My Deathmatch Fondle!

LifeDrive Notes: It Got No Luv

January 8, 2007

T/X to Lifedrive Is Like 120Mph to Zero!

I made the mistake during December and let my wife entice me with a new Lifedrive if I gave her my T/X. So, I quickly made the swap, and quickly learned I made a big mistake.

Tip: Use The Categories Sidebar!

January 8, 2007

Really, I’m seeing people reading only some posts about the 770 or the Sony Reader or the LifeDrive or the Vega or the Zune. There are more!

Everything here is linked to a Category, most to multiple Categories.

What’s discouraging is that very few people seem interested in books! That has a Category too!

Tech Lust Pains

January 8, 2007

The Samsung 10th Anniversary Dinner & Party

Samsung is set to reveal…including a 5″ screen UMPC with a built-in keyboard. We were told in passing that it is about half the size of the Q1 – I’ve got to get photos of that!

raon vega – modern toys – size comparrison

The link goes to a pic of the Vega next to a iPod Video, a Blackberry 8700C, a Tag huer watch, and a Crawford Custom made Knife.

Raon Vega picture

OQO model 02: First images and Video walkthrough

I had an “oh my god” reaction when I was shown OQO’s latest portable PC, earlier today. From what I was told (watch video) this new version is a big improvement over the previous two editions. It features a much more usable QWERTY keyboard featuring integrated trackball, mouse buttons, up/down/left/right scroll on the lower left of the device. There’s also really cool docking station (watch video). It sports Windows Vista or Window XP.

OQO Model 02

Seagate ships single-platter, 1.8-inch, 60GB hard drive
Hmmm… will this show up in Palm’s future “third business” device?