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The Samsung 10th Anniversary Dinner & Party

Samsung is set to reveal…including a 5″ screen UMPC with a built-in keyboard. We were told in passing that it is about half the size of the Q1 – I’ve got to get photos of that!

raon vega – modern toys – size comparrison

The link goes to a pic of the Vega next to a iPod Video, a Blackberry 8700C, a Tag huer watch, and a Crawford Custom made Knife.

Raon Vega picture

OQO model 02: First images and Video walkthrough

I had an “oh my god” reaction when I was shown OQO’s latest portable PC, earlier today. From what I was told (watch video) this new version is a big improvement over the previous two editions. It features a much more usable QWERTY keyboard featuring integrated trackball, mouse buttons, up/down/left/right scroll on the lower left of the device. There’s also really cool docking station (watch video). It sports Windows Vista or Window XP.

OQO Model 02

Seagate ships single-platter, 1.8-inch, 60GB hard drive
Hmmm… will this show up in Palm’s future “third business” device?

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