What Looks Like a Pepper Pad 3 But Isn’t?

I stopped into J&R tonight and walked out with a fake Pepper Pad 3.

For free!

I swear, the front of it has the same buttons, screen, stylus, speakers, split keyboard, and wonderful roller.

Lying flat on the table here in front of me, it has the same dimensions as the Pepper Pad 3.

Damn, it’s almost just like having a Pepper Pad 3!

Except for a few things:

1) It won’t turn on or off.

2) The stylus won’t detach, the keys won’t press, the roller won’t roll, and the speakers will never have sound come out of them.

3) One of the dimensions of this fake Pepper Pad 3 is off. Its thickness. It’s just cardboard thin!

That’s because it’s an actual-size cardboard brochure for the Pepper Pad 3!

Which reminds me just how much I love actual-size flyers and brochures!

Palm used to spit them out for every model of PDA. I collected as many as I could.

In contrast, very few Pocket PC manufacturers ever did such a thing.

I think this move by Pepper is just brilliant. I can plop it onto this little stand I use for The Biggest Piece Of Shit Known To Man and imagine what it would be like to use my Bluetooth keyboard with a machine that would welcome it. (I did try this in fact, for real, earlier.)

With so many pocketable and “handable” devices being announced at CES, I hope every single manufacturer will see the wisdom of what Pepper has done and issue their own actual-size brochures.

And make sure I get a copy of each one too!

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