Some Questions About the Apple iPhone

In no particular order and off the top of my head…

1) What specific Intel CPU is it using? At what speed does it run? Would it be possible to overclock it?

2) What’s the rating of the (non-removable) battery?

3) What kind of bottom connector does it have? If it’s a standard iPod connector, will it work with existing iPod peripherals with just an adapter? Would it be possible to connect a keyboard to it?

4) Will it ship with a dock?

5) Is this really OS X or Apple’s version of Windows Mobile?

6) Can current developers simply change the UI of their existing programs and have them run on the iPhone? (Let’s leave Photoshop and such muscular programs out of this for now!)

7) Will software publishers bundle desktop and iPhone versions of programs in one package? Will we have to buy two versions of programs, one for the desktop and one for iPhone?

8) Time magazine reports WiFi iTunes purchasing isn’t possible with the iPhone. Does this indicate Apple has made it impossible? Can it be hacked in?

9) Can music be shared wirelessly? If not, is it impossible?

10) Where’s the ebook reader?

11) Can the iPhone display PDFs?

12) Is MultiTouch open to developers to create their own gestures?

13) Can the accelerometer be used for games?

14) Since the screen is now 320×480, will the iTunes Store start selling videos in that resolution? How fast will that fill the 4/8GB of allocated storage?

15) Is there any way to get video out to a TV? And at what resolution?

16) Can Firefox be made to work on it in place of Safari? And would existing Firefox plugins work?

17) Can a Bluetooth keyboard work with it? Will any Bluetooth keyboard — that is, not just Apple-branded — work with it?

18) Will it be able to run Limewire and other P2P clients?

19) In the six months before its launch, will Apple be working with existing iPod accessory makers to ensure a variety of iPhone accessories? (Personally, I want a clip-on external battery for extended video watching and, I hope! I hope!, word processing.)

20) Using it as a media remote (TV, DVD player, et al) is an obvious idea; is it possible?

21) Will it be possible to grab (p)odcasts via WiFi to play?

22) Does it contain more than one CPU? A powerful one for OS X applications, a power-stingy one to play audio/video?

23) Will the iPhone be available to people who use Cingular’s prepaid phone service?

24) Can it do RSS?

25) Can fonts be added to it?

26) Will be possible to run a word processing program?

27) Would it be possible to create and/or run programs that would use the built-in camera to read barcodes or OCR text?

28) Would placing a screen protector on it confuse the MultiTouch sensor?

29) Does the accelerometer allow 360-degree screen rotation?

30) Can the accelerometer sense motion in the Z-axis and not just the X and Y axes?

31) Can the proximity detector be accessed by developers for new applications?

32) Can the ambient light sensor, accelerometer, and/or proximity detector be turned off?

33) How large is OS X on it? How much RAM is there for OS X itself to run in? How much RAM is allocated to run applications?

34) Will people have to sign up for Cingular at the time of purchase? In what way can someone prove they are an existing Cingular customer? If someone is not a Cingular customer (me!), should he sign up now or wait until the time of purchase?

Some of these are sure to be answered within the next few days. Some we might not know the answer to until the iPhone is in our hands.

What I dread: there are going to be people camping out for this worse than there was for the Wii and Playstation 3 combined. Start plotting your strategy now to get your hands on one. Ten million units sounds like a lot. But I really think twenty million people will wind up wanting it! Apple will create a new sales record and reshape the existing cellphone landscape. This is the Must-Have Item Of 2007.

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