Why Hasn’t Anyone Noticed The iPod Is Dead?

That’s what I’ve concluded after considering the Apple iPhone.

It doesn’t run the same OS as the iPod. It runs OS X.

It doesn’t have the same CPU as the iPod. It has an (as yet unspecified) Intel CPU.

It’s not the widescreen touchscreened True Video iPod we’ve all been waiting for. That, to me, seems to be dead.

If MultiTouch requires OS X and an Intel CPU, then there’s no True Video iPod coming down the road. What we’ll get is an iPhone minus the Phone part. And even if that happens, it probably won’t happen until after June, probably not until the 2007 Xmas buying season. Apple isn’t going to jeopardize iPhone sales. That’d make Cingular very mad.

On the other hand, we could get something better than a True Video iPod. We could get a Mac minitablet. Bump that 3.5″ screen to 5″ and put it atop a slide-down keyboard ala the pioneering OQO. Cingular would not object to this, especially if Apple leaves room for a SIM card for people to use Cingular data services.

But right now, forget that True Video iPod. It’s dead.

[Update September 24 2007: Eh. I was half right…]


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