Bravo Nicholas Carr!

January 10, 2007

There is so much that’s right in this it took my breath away: Steve’s devices.

Another Fake

January 10, 2007


I saw this in person in Chinatown yesterday. I was really a bit impressed by it. Bright screen, nice feel. But I was told it had just 512MB RAM. But there’s an SD slot too. It looks like a PSP, but it’s actually much smaller. Very cute too!

I was quoted a hilarity-ensuing price of $200. Ha! Ha! Ha!

You want?

Go order 100 minimum here.

They also have the fake iPod nano (classic style) here.

iPhone Size

January 10, 2007

The Apple iPhone

A lot of people are wondering just how big this thing is. Using the technical specs from, I grabbed some cardboard, scissors, and glue and made a scale model of the iPhone.

I’d like to see it next to a LifeDrive!

Sammy’s Got A New Blog

January 10, 2007

And jillions of people will be reading it: ApplePhone Addict.

Best of success, Sammy!

Michael Mace Does Comedy Now

January 10, 2007

Impact of the Apple iPhone

Nokia must be frustrated. It has been doing all these experiments in tablets and media phones, and Apple waltzes in with its first phone product and resets the dialog in the mobile industry. Nokia wants that sort of leadership role, and I’m sure it’ll invest heavily in pursuing it.

Of course, he’d have to read this to understand why the words “leadership” and “Nokia” in the same sentence is hugely funny to me.