Bravo Nicholas Carr!

January 10, 2007

There is so much that’s right in this it took my breath away: Steve’s devices.

Another Fake

January 10, 2007


I saw this in person in Chinatown yesterday. I was really a bit impressed by it. Bright screen, nice feel. But I was told it had just 512MB RAM. But there’s an SD slot too. It looks like a PSP, but it’s actually much smaller. Very cute too!

I was quoted a hilarity-ensuing price of $200. Ha! Ha! Ha!

You want?

Go order 100 minimum here.

They also have the fake iPod nano (classic style) here.

iPhone Size

January 10, 2007

The Apple iPhone

A lot of people are wondering just how big this thing is. Using the technical specs from, I grabbed some cardboard, scissors, and glue and made a scale model of the iPhone.

I’d like to see it next to a LifeDrive!

Sammy’s Got A New Blog

January 10, 2007

And jillions of people will be reading it: ApplePhone Addict.

Best of success, Sammy!