Aum Shinrikyo Redux

January 11, 2007

Before former Mayor Giuliani destroyed local television in NYC by selling off city-owned WNYC-TV Channel 31, I used to be able to catch international television programs that bought time to air their shows. One of these was a block of Japanese news and entertainment every weekday morning. I recall eerie events happening in Japan involving Sarin gas. As it all turned out, a bizarre cult called Aum Shinrikyo was out and about testing their homebrew chemical weaponry, murdering innocent people in the process.

Now Warren Ellis has found this:

Mystery as thousands of birds fall from sky

Acting chief veterinary officer Fiona Sunderman said toxins were the most likely cause but the deaths could be due to anything from toxic algae to chemicals and pesticides.

TV: From Infinity to Affinity

January 11, 2007

4GM: Nobody gets Rich, Everybody Gets Paid

Let’s take Warren Ellis, for example. Assume Warren’s dark heart improbably beats on, allowing him decades to build his awful ideological army. There will come a day when Warren will say “behold, people, this thing is good, and not at all testicle or piercing oriented. If you pay a dollar for a download of it, you will not be disappointed.” Granted, the profit margins will be small, but that’s the direction we’re heading in anyway. The massive scores off network hits were inflated, a brief, beautiful Golden Age of Filthy Money which I doubt will naturally recur. In the future, nobody gets rich, but everybody gets paid.

Yes, I basically just said that Oprah is a neo-network. Go ahead, argue with me. Is Dick Wolf a network? JJ Abrams? Is Kiefer Sutherland? Who do you trust to entertain you?

This is very interesting. He’s very correct in many respects. But MammothMedia, that creaky monster, dies hard. I know an absolutely brilliant and unique talk radio talent who can’t get a job anywhere. And he doesn’t deserve just any job. He should be national so people can kneel at his feet to touch the hem of his garment. Talent just isn’t enough for anyone in any field. There’s a lot of fucking noise out there. How to break through that is the question of the new age.

And, yes, initially nobody will get rich, but then it’ll become like Musical Chairs: this time it’s my turn to get rich, next time it’ll be yours. Which is still a hell of a lot better than the current We’re-Gonna-Screw-You-
In-The-Ass-For-The-Next-Seven-Years, Just-Sign-Here system.

New iPhone Site

January 11, 2007

The prolific PDA critic known as Foo Fighter has started The iPhone Blog.

Is It June Yet?