As I Said: iPhone Vs. Universal Music

Earlier I wrote Applenomics, Or Why Steve Jobs Will Now Hate Me For Ever And Ever in which I dramatized the point of the six-month premature iPhone birth announcement.

And now USA Today reports Universal Music CEO enforces get-paid mantra on licensing:

Morris has already suggested, albeit guardedly, that his next target will be iPod-maker and No. 1 online music retailer Apple. With Apple’s licensing deal to sell Universal music on iTunes set to expire in May, Morris says, “There might be other ways to get paid.”

Hey, Morris, you schmuck! How about lower prices?!!? How about making money by getting more customers instead of by racketeering?

Steve Jobs will just wait your ass out, let your iTunes titles go dark, and gleefully watch as your Vivendi masters suggest you seek immediate retirement.

“No one ever got rich betting against Doug Morris.”

I’ll take that bet!

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