LifeDrive Notes: Brick Or No Brick?

January 17, 2007

S320 LD sides 2

One more Nasty Bad Blurry Photo: the S320 and LifeDrive thickness compared.

Really, how could anyone think it’s a brick?

Update: Jaysus! I actually have the LifeDrive on top of one of the pamphlets from its box! Not only am I the worse camera operator in the world, I’m the worst product positioner too!!

Update 2: I finally found a moment to replace the huge photo with one edited especially for blog viewing.

LifeDrive Notes: Behold! It Is It.

January 17, 2007

S320 LD 2

Yes, behold my photographic prowess! For even I can defeat the AutoFocus feature of a quality camera!! I can blur pictures without PhotoShop — live!! Be afraid of me! (Well, your camera should be!!)

Anyway, there’s the wounded LifeDrive next to my Clie S320, which it will eventually replace.

If you can’t tell (and if you can, run to an eye doctor now!), the LifeDrive is stuck in Secure Erase mode.

Now to get that Torx screwdriver…

Update: I finally found a moment to replace the huge photo with one edited especially for blog viewing.

Help Out Someone Being Crushed By MammothMedia!

January 17, 2007



Hard as it may be to believe — given the fame of THE LAST UNICORN and its worldwide legion of readers — Peter has never been financially successful. Royalties from his books are a pittance, and as noted above the big money he should have gotten from film projects has always been denied him. Just like Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster with their creation SUPERMAN, Peter’s lack of business sense has left him poor and struggling even as other people have made fortunes off his talent and hard work.

This victimization has been going on for decades. It has to stop. And it will stop, if we come together and do something about it!

My name is Connor Cochran. I became Peter’s business manager four years ago, when I learned how badly he was being treated by publishers and studios. Together he and I have worked hard to change things for the better, and we’ve made some progress. But now the fight is entering a whole new phase. The people we’re going up against have deep pockets. They don’t think Peter will ever be able to put together the funds to take them to court and make them do the right thing. They don’t think he can ever make enough public noise to be worth bothering about.

You can change that!


Full Disclosure: I am not affiliated in any monetary way with this effort other than as a supporter of a fellow writer getting screwed by The Suits. I’m providing free publicity here.

So When Will Pepper Pad 3 Get This?

January 17, 2007

x86 Linux Flash Player 9 is Final

It uses a prior version and limits the number of Flash-video sites a Pepper Pad 3 owner can access (YouTube works fine, so far…).

I’m linking to Slashdot because the discussion there of the EULA is quite something. The EULA is seemingly intergalactic!

Sammy Kills New Site

January 17, 2007

Oops. A draft of this somehow made it onto the blog (either that or WordPress’s Manage console has a bug…). Finished now:

Earlier I posted about Sammy’s new blog.

It is alas no more.

Hot New Poster From The Hot Hot Girls!

January 17, 2007


They play tonight at the legendary Bitter End.

Get out of the cold tonight and into some music that’s hot!

Pepper Pad 3 Fondle Video

January 17, 2007

CES Report: PepperPad InkShow

One of the vendors I really wanted to check out at CES was Hanbit America, the folks behind the PepperPad. I’ve read a lot about the device, but have never had the opportunity to try one out and compare it to the Origami / Ultra-Mobile PC. Holding the device with the split keyboard gave me some real insight on what would help the UMPC market in regards to built-in keyboard support. The PepperPad sells for $645 on ( affiliate link ), and is available in various colors like Pink, Black, and Silver.

*groan* Why do they do this to me?

Linkswipe from JK on the Run

There Is A Righteous Rage

January 17, 2007

East Side Art Dealer Sues Homeless Men

For more than two years, the papers allege, the homeless have spent “significant amounts of time” obstructing Karl Kemp’s storefront window display, “consuming alcoholic beverages from open bottles, performing various bodily functions such as urinating or spitting on the sidewalk, and…verbally harassing or intimidating … prospective customers.”

Let’s Do The Moebius Strip!

January 17, 2007

As I Said: iPhone Vs. Universal Music (greedy ba$tard$ at Univer$al).

That looks … familiar.

LifeDrive Notes: The Arrival

January 17, 2007

Came yesterday.

Just found out now, and I’m not home, either!

Crowded day, so I might only get to see it and nothing more.

Gotta get that Torx now!

And now this: Palm LifeDrive in Short Supply?