How’d This Guy Get On The Net?

Muslim Murderer was a great guy after all. NOT!

I posted this because it pisses me off to see idiots whom after the fact apologize for losers. We see this everywhere all the time. A gang member gets killed and friends and relatives tell you what a good boy he was. A pedophile gets caught and neighbors sing his praises. Look people evil exists. I don’t care if these creeps made Eagle scout, they snapped they went bad. They are not misunderstood, a product of their environment or forced into evil by events outside of their control. They made their choice. People all over world manage to live lives without attempting to prey on the weak. This guy did horrible things to innocent people, he was a worthless peace of shit and I am glad he is dead. I hope all his friends join him in hell. Stop with the feel good propaganda and tell the truth, he was a predator, a menace and a murder[er].

How did an anatomically-complete man get on the net? Too many alleged men with sites and blogs act like castrated boys — dangle some shiny tech in front of them and they not only surrender their balls, they also rip out their own backbones.

I will always call shit what it is.

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