LifeDrive Notes: Software To Possibly Try

ClipExtend 1.00

Remove the 1000 character limit on clipboard copy and cut with this hack that works on all devices with OS 3.1 (and perhaps earlier, but you’ll need a different hack manager) and up, including OS 5. Includes source code.

HardBall 4.1

Classic Palm breakout game.

FixField 1.10

Newer Palm / Treo devices (more precisely, ones with one-handed navigation) have a bug which means that many older applications that present a text field for input where the field used to be pre-selected for data entry (e.g., writing with Graffiti would immediately enter data into the field) now require one to tap on the field before typing. FixField fixes this bug in many contexts.

Graffiti State Indicator Hack 1.00

Palm has removed the Graffiti State Indicator (GSI) which showed autoshift and other state information on the TX and E2. This yahm-based hack restores the GSI for those devices that lack it. Includes full source code, under the BSD license, free for closed and open source use.

Palm Ishido 1.06

PalmIshido is a free (GPL), polished and challenging tile-matching puzzle game with multiple full-color high resolution (OS 5 required for high resolution) board and piece sets (default, hieroglyphic and Ugaritic pieces are included), based on the rules of Ishido.

EasySkin for T3, T5, LifeDrive and Tapwave Zodiac 1.11

This free utility takes any photos or other images you may have and generates input area / statusbar (DIA) skins for your Tungsten T3, T5, LifeDrive or Tapwave Zodiac. To load the skins you will need SkinDIA! on the T3, T5 and LifeDrive and SkinTW! on the Zodiac.

Astro Skins for T3, T5 and LifeDrive 1.00

Nine free astronomy high color skins for the Graffiti input and statusbar area (DIA) on the Tungsten T3, T5 and LifeDrive. Needs mySkin 1.45+ (formerly SkinDIA!).

23 fractal high color input / statusbar (DIA) skins for T3 / T5 / LifeDrive 1.60

Twenty-three free fractal 16-bit input / statusbar (DIA) skins for SkinDIA!.

Nine high color DIA photo based skins for T3 / T5 / LifeDrive 1.10

Nine free 16-bit DIA (Graffiti background) skins for T3 / T5 / LifeDrive based on photographs (flowers, nature, West Coast Native art). Requires SkinDIA!.

Four high color DIA ‘abstract’ skins for T3 / T5 / LifeDrive 1.10

Four free 16-bit DIA skins for T3 / T5 / LifeDrive with an ‘abstract’ theme.

Five high color DIA art skins for T3 / T5 / LifeDrive 1.10

Five free 16-bit DIA (Graffiti background) skins for T3 / T5 / LifeDrive with an art theme. Requires SkinT3!

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