Apple’s Yellow Submarine Video iPod?

Apple Recon is reporting an Apple Event will occur on February 20.

But the most interesting item is in the Comments from someone pseudonymed BootPolish:

The Feb 20 announcements will include… Widescreen iPod, available in a special yellow edition sold with a coupon to download the entire Beatles songbook ($250 value). Ringo and the Nimrod CEO from Apple Corps will show up onstage with Steve to announce the new Apple-Apple truce, but in spite of the wonderful news (all re-mastered Beatles songs available exclusively on iTunes for 3 months), people are crushed that McCartney isn’t there too (prior commitments, and McCartney’s lawyers will not have finished excluding Heather Mills from any iTMS royalty sharing).

This sounds so like Apple that I’m inclined to believe it!

Remember: Apple put out that special (Red) edition of the iPod nano.

Hell yes I’d walk around with a goofy Yellow Submarine widescreened True Video iPod!

And I think many others would too.

Uh, a Zune? What’s that again?

See also: Steve Jobs: The Sixth Beatle?

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