Steve Jobs: The Sixth Beatle?

January 24, 2007

I was pondering the rumor of a February 20th introduction of a Yellow Submarine Video iPod and decided to consult Wikipedia about The Beatles on a hunch I had.

And what I found were these key points:

[…] Brian Epstein persuaded Ed Sullivan to commit to presenting The Beatles on three editions of his show in February[.]


[The Beatles’] first American television live appearance [was] on the Ed Sullivan Show on 9 February 1964[.]

(Oh how I remember that! My mother thought their “long hair” was a disgrace! And Wikipedia actually has the wrong date there: it’s the 9th [as I’ve put it here], not the 4th; everyone alive then knows Ed Sullivan was on Sunday nights!)

What better time for such an introduction than the month of February?

(Yes, I damn well know there were four Beatles. Go look up who was called the Fifth Beatle! Must I do all the work around here? Oh right … it’s my damned blog! Here.)

Another Kiddie TV Post

January 24, 2007

Chuck McCann

One of New York City’s most beloved children’s entertainers, Chuck McCann, hosted his first local ‘kidult’ TV series, The Puppet Hotel, on WNTA TV Channel 13 in the Newark, N.J./ NYC viewing area beginning on Saturday morning, November 28, 1959.

Another kiddie TV legend from a lost world.

And he’s still hip!

Officer Joe Bolton

January 24, 2007

One of those TV kiddie show hosts.

When TV was black and white.

When the world — and TV! — was better.


Officer Joe Bolton /
Three Stooges Shows

Joe Bolton

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You laugh?

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It was a better world.

Now go read Bill Bryson.

Rebates Are Shuck & Jive Bullshit

January 24, 2007

palmsolo mentions his woes with one of those mail-in rebates.

Why the hell aren’t they illegal? It’s nothing but a con game dreamt up by some goddammed actuary in a bad suit who’s figured out that something like only 3% of people are actually going to try to use them — and that you can then go on to cheat 95% of those!

Go get them, palmsolo!

You See? You See? Your Stupid Minds! Stupid! Stupid!

January 24, 2007

I think that marvelous classic Ed Wood dialogue (YouTube link) is apt.

The insanely great songs Apple won’t let you hear.

You People In Suits are just So Fucking Stupid! Stupid!

digg Digs This Blog

January 24, 2007


This blog has hit digg!

And Steve Jobs moves me to the top of his blacklist

LifeDrive Notes: dd

January 24, 2007


What is dd_rhelp ?

dd_rhelp is a bash script that handles a very usefull program written in C by Kurt Garloff which is called dd_rescue, it roughly act as the dd linux command with the caracteristic to NOT stop when it falls on read/write errors.

This makes dd_rescue the best tool for recovering hard drive having bad sectors. (dd_rescue can be found : )

But using it is quite time consuming. This is where dd_rhelp come to help.

Continuing my research into revivifying my LifeDrive.

Since dd_rescue has a version that will work with SuSE Linux 9.1 +, I thought I’d try to make a Suse Live-Eval LiveCD. But the download link leads to a dead end and a search there leads to another dead end!

I probably wouldn’t have had any success making — or even using! — that LiveCD anyway.

Perhaps dd_help can assist someone out there with the requisite Linux skiLLz.

My quest continues…