Steve Jobs: The Sixth Beatle?

I was pondering the rumor of a February 20th introduction of a Yellow Submarine Video iPod and decided to consult Wikipedia about The Beatles on a hunch I had.

And what I found were these key points:

[…] Brian Epstein persuaded Ed Sullivan to commit to presenting The Beatles on three editions of his show in February[.]


[The Beatles’] first American television live appearance [was] on the Ed Sullivan Show on 9 February 1964[.]

(Oh how I remember that! My mother thought their “long hair” was a disgrace! And Wikipedia actually has the wrong date there: it’s the 9th [as I’ve put it here], not the 4th; everyone alive then knows Ed Sullivan was on Sunday nights!)

What better time for such an introduction than the month of February?

(Yes, I damn well know there were four Beatles. Go look up who was called the Fifth Beatle! Must I do all the work around here? Oh right … it’s my damned blog! Here.)

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