Lifedrive Notes: CodeJedi Software To Try

January 27, 2007

ZGrab — A screenshot tool for Palm OS (including Zodiac!)

The existing screenshot tools don’t function on the Tapwave Zodiac, and sometimes don’t cover the resolution bases as much as I’d like. So I created a new screenshot tool that works on a lower level to handle these sorts of issues….

Works on every Palm OS device that is colour and features an expansion slot (SD, Compact Flash, Memory Stick, whatever.)

BoR/Palm and BoR/ce – Beats of Rage for Palm OS and Pocket PC

Beats of Rage is a “beat’em’up” game in the grain of Double Dragon and Streets of Rage and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as well as being a fully modable engine for such games.

Lifedrive Notes: Dmitry’s Software To Try

January 27, 2007

Description: Fixes all digitizer problems on 320×480 devices.

Description: Replaces the bightness adjust dialog with a much more useful one sporting volume, memory, and full brightness control, as well as profiles.

brightness Fix
Description: Removes the lower brightness limit on PXA-based palms

Description: brightnessFix just for the TX [or T5 possibly][,] much more elegant then the general solution and works better[,] very hardware specific

flash Player
Description: Simple installer for flash player for any OS5 device

Description: Allows to run NetFront and PicselBrowser in fullscreen and opening/closing graffity area on Palm T|X, possibly T5 and T3.