Philip K. Dick Freaks Me Out Even While He’s Dead (And He’s Still Dead, Isn’t He?)

It was only several years after his cruel death that I discovered and fell madly in love with the work of Philip K. Dick.

Whenever I was in a library or bookstore, desperately searching for something excellent to read, my mind would always remind me that had Dick lived, there’d be many new excellent books by him on those shelves for me to read.

Well today Philip K. Dick said Boo! to me from his grave.

There I was in Borders Books, more to briefly get out of the cold than to actually see what was on the shelves, when I wandered into the Science-Fiction section and then had to check if I was still in the same universe as the one I had been in just moments before.

For there on the shelf was a new book by Philip K. Dick!

It’s true! Look! It’s even at amazon and Barnes & Noble. And Borders too! Either this is for real or all of you are being sucked into an alternate universe when you click on those links!

Oh shit. Getting links for this entry, things got weirder.

Paul Giamatti, who portrayed Harvey Pekar in the film adaptation of Pekar’s American Splendor comic, is set to portray Philip K. Dick in what sounds like a similarly-structured movie.

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