Errrr… Because Palm Be Eejits And Palm Desktop Ain’t No iTunes Store Neither!

The Wide-Screen iPod is here already: It is a Palm TX

My wide-screen iPod is my Palm TX. Its 320x 480 display rivals the iPhone’s screen and its screen is 3-3/4 inches wide on the diagonal compared to 3-1/2 for the iPhone and presumably a wide-screen iPod. With it I can play all my music and listen to audio books and podcasts using the pocket tunes application which comes loaded for free on the Palm TX. I have 2-2GB SD cards and a 4GB flash drive. This gives me the equivalent of the high end Nano and the just announced iPhone. I store all the music I value or need on my SD cards. I rip my owned CDs using iTunes, but that is the only thing I do with iTunes.

And this entry’s title inspiration:

Why doesn’t Palm spend some of its advertising budget promoting the Palm TX as a good alternative to an iPod? It runs circles around the iPod and even will when and if a wide-screen version is released!

Yeah, well, that last sentence is really over the top. Go carry around 60-120GB of SDs!

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