LifeDrive Notes: Video Podcasts, iTunes, Flickr

He’s a very clever one!

Video Podcasts and the Palm LifeDrive Mobile Manager

OK, I finally have a solution for converting iPod centric podcasts into a format that my LifeDrive can digest … it’s a bit of a software engineers solution though.

The reason you need to do this is because video podcasts downloaded in iTunes tend to some MPEG4 format that the lifedrive doesn’t understand.

It’s a solution that lends itself to automation, which is what you want when you’re converting podcasts on a daily/weekly basis.

Using Palm’s LifeDrive Mobile Manager with iTunes [update: link fixed!]
Damn Small Linux (DSL)
Palm TX Internet Photo Frame …

I can now let you download and view your Flickr photostream using a Palm TX (or is it Palm T|X) or Palm Lifedrive.

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