February 2007 Contents

February 28, 2007

From first post to last (this was just overboard!) –

February 2007 subhead: [. . .] Yates clearly didn’t give a shit what anyone thought anymore, and only then does real truth come to the surface. — from “The Futurist”

January 2007 Contents

Wii Partiies
LifeDrive Notes: You Laggard!
LifeDrive Notes: Cue Taps
This Month’s Subhead
A Jackass Quote For All Of History
LifeDrive Notes: Linux As Windows App
For Future Bloggery
Is That Your Final Answer?
You Meth Lab Bastards Must Die!
Charity Auction: Get Your Name In A Mystery Novel
The Man. The Blog. The Shizzle.
Like This Shit Is News?
Such Brilliance!
More iPhone Absolute Must-Reads
LifeDrive Notes: More Software To Try
Reference: iPod And Audiobooks
Zune Review Part 3 & 4
iPhone Blog Worth A Look
Zune External Battery Reviewed
LifeDrive Notes: From My Cold, Dead Hands
Writers Guild Of America: Stop Being Pussies! STRIKE!
Accelerating My iPhone Lust
Future 2.0
TeleFlip: Dumb Phones To Less Dumb Phones
Toronto Sun Are Dumb Bastards
OS X Widgetry And iPhone Possibilities
And These Bastards Get To RUN Things!
Apple Vs. Apple Settlement Coincidental?
Rand And Her Randroids Would Root For Gates
Win An iPhone (Or Judie Will Kill Me!!)
What About The Aptly Abbreviated WinCE, BillG?
Mother Of Mercy, Is This The End Of Ken Kutaragi?
WTF?!!? Will The Nokia N800 Be Worth Buying After All? (Updated: No.)
Another N-Word Post: Newton Vs. N800
Behind The Blog Scenery
Sidebar Changes
Cue Bob Dylan: The Times They Are A-Changin’
Does “Wal-Mart” = “Download” To YOU?
That Z Word
RIAA: Suck
How Tech Has Affected The Cost Of Recording Audio
Reference: Free iPod Backup Software
Reaction To Jobs Vs. DRM
iPhone: Three — Count ‘Em — Three Cores
A (P)odcast Will Be Worth More Than This
Welcome, Apple. Seriously. (Not!)
Nokia N800 Gets Plain Weird!
YouTube: Bait For The Man
Samsung Ultra Smart F700: Oh Puhleeze!
Girls Don’t Cry @ Pianos In NYC Tonight, February 8th!
Video: iPhone Vs. WinMob
LifeDrive Notes: Resco Explorer for Palm OS
Tech Lust: Fujitsu LifeBook P1610 Reviewed
Reference: Mac OS X Apps List
Paging Steve Jobs: It’s February 9th, Beatles Day!
Bravo, Rogers! Bravo!
Hey, You Brain-Dead Suits! Here’s A Clue! Want To Also Buy A Vowel?
A Funny Feeling About The iPhone
A Pocket Keyboard Fit For The iPhone?
LifeDrive Notes: DocsToGo 7 Hates The Bluetooth Keyboard Driver
Palm Continues To Create Future iPhone Buyers
LifeDrive Notes: Portable Office
Bloody Spam (But Clever!)
When “Free” = $$$
The Joy Of Silent Film
Palm Had The Accelerometer Before iPhone — Almost!
Reference: iPod As Rescue Disk
More “Me Too!” From Microsoft
I Ask Myself: Why Not Get A Frikkin Mac?
So Where Are All Those Silicon Valley MultiMillionaires When They’re Needed To Do Some REAL — Not Partisan Political — Good?
He’s Fucking Right!
Search Is A Generic Function That Will Be All Machine-Generated
Hey, Nokia! This Is How Quality Works!
The iPhone Is A First-Generation Pocket Mac
Paddy Chayefsky’s “Network” Comes To Newspapers
Reference: Mac OS X Blogging Tools
Reference: A Mac Switcher Blogs
A Horror Of Lovecraftian Proportions
Purraise Da Lohrd!
Reference: Missed A TV Episode?
There Is A Righteous Rage
Reference: U.S. Presidential Campaign
Windows Duo Buy MacBook Pros, Write A Review, And An Unintentional Hilarious Sentence Therein
Microsoft Windows Vegta
640 x 640 On A Palm? Er, Yep.
LifeDrive Notes: tejpWriter
Go See The Best Ever TV You’ve Never Seen!
Have Rickey Make You Laugh
Compaq Had An Accelerometer Before Both Apple And Palm!
A Variety Of Writings About The iPhone
Biological Invasion Three
And I’m Back (Like The Prior Post Didn’t Show That?!!?)
Another Spineless Weasel Runs For President
Is There A Finnish Mafia?
The Limitless And Perverse Human Mind
LifeDrive Notes: That Damned Java
The Fatal Embrace
RIAA Racketeers Recruit Quisling ISPs
Don’t Beg Those Bastards! Boycott Their Shit!
This Time Microsoft Is RIGHT!
LifeDrive Notes: Saving Streaming Video On A PC
Warren Ellis’s Worst(?) Nightmare
Bah! I Need Machine Assistance
Apple February 20th Event Confirmation?
Now Here Is A Reviewer I Can TRUST!
Another Jackass Quote For All History — No, TWO Of Them!
LifeDrive Notes: LifeDrive Forever!
Reference: Mac OS X Themes
Damn That Spam
Yes, It’s Love. The Suits Don’t Know That. (But If You Try To Hug Me, I Will Hurt You. Very!)
Reference: iPod For Beginners
Bravo, Nintendo! Now Can You Please Do A PDA?
Cat Massage Videos!
Hide The Children! Someone Else Is Telling The TRUTH!!
WTF? A Google Warning I’ve Never Seen
Thursday, February 15 2007: Girls Don’t Cry @ Pianos In NYC 9PM
Will iPhone Games Work Like This?
LifeDrive Notes: More On Podcasts And iTunes
Tech That Makes You Go Oops!
The Future Officially Began On February 16, 1978
Icky Creepy
Wii Maan
Sometimes Just A Headline Can Make Me Sick
P2P Forever And Ever!
Save For Next Year’s Heart Day
Girls Don’t Cry: Pianos, 2/15/07
Note To Myself: Get This Movie!
Cover Your Eyes! Another Bit Of Truth I’m Linking To!
Attention: The World Will End Tomorrow
Every Day Is Like Sunday
Just Popped In To Say Alex Cox Is A God!! Kneel!
Apple: Should John Be Smiling?
LifeDrive Notes: RSS & Resco Neeews!
Except The CopyNazis
The Digg For Dummb
Yes, I Understand That I’m Dead
Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye!
Someone Please Wake Up OttO Vector!
Better Than Super Adventure Team!
More Gerry Anderson Inspiration
Gerry Anderson’s Joe 90
Space:1999 Still Wants To Live
Thunderbirds: The First Abomination
Gerry Anderson’s Dick Spanner, P.I.
LifeDrive Notes: Getting A Mac To Do .PDB Files
He Does It So They Never See A BSOD
Don’t You Bastards DARE To Even TRY This Here!
See What Fluorescent Lighting Did 5,000 Years Ago?
Le Pen Continues That Great Post-Modern French Tradition Of Stark Cowardice (While Balzac, Baudelaire, Dumas, Hugo, Nerval, And Zola Spin In Their Graves)
Oh, Palm. You Pack Of Eejits!
REAL Must-See TV: Coronet Blue!
The Greatest SF TV Show Ever. Until…
The Other Greatest SF TV Series Ever. Until…
Classic Chuck McCann On YouTube!
When TV Was Local, Giants Walked The Earth
More Nvmb3r Stvff
Girls Don’t Cry: Solo Music By The Girls & Final Residency Show At Pianos Tonight @ 9PM
Ancient Of Days
And This Jackass Teaches?!!?
Wii Wowws, Cann Bee iPPod Too Gaames?
I Have To Wonder About Some iPod Articles…
Hurry! YouTube About To Become ScrewYouAllTube!
What Is This New Technology Called The Book?
Reference: Unscramble Words Online
Space:1999 The Music
Space:1999 The Hatred For Year Two
Reference: Space:1999 Concordance
Blog Changes
As Usual, Bamford Makes Me Look Stoopid
ActiveStink Tarted Up, But Still Stinks!
Well If You’re THAT Stupid, You SHOULD Be Punished!
Girls Don’t Cry @ Pianos 2/22/07
Next Month, March 2007 = RIAA Boycott!
Just Who Do You Think You Are?
Palm Computing: Self-Destruction By Self-Distraction
I Would Laugh My Ass Off If It Worked Better On A Treo Than On Nokia’s (Anti-)Internet Tablet!
Nokia: Hey, Sucker, Give Us Your Genius For FREE!
Brats Of The Lost Nebula Clips On YouTube!
I Said There Would Be An Apple Ad During The Oscars
Hey, Suits! Don’t Tread On Us!
Reference: Don’t Be A Cheap Schmuck, Pay For A Lawyer!
Where I Live, Most People Want To Be Al Pacino’s Scarface
I’m Mike! Fly Me!
Reference: Streaming TV Feeds
Girls Don’t Cry Get Some Recognition From The Brits
The iPhone Oscar Ad: Hello!
Why Does The Truth Always Come Out Too Damned Late?!!?
Reference: Online Video Conversion
Reference: Ten Linux Commands
Reference: Make Ginormous Posters Online
Note To Self, Re: Last Post: Buy Ink Cartridges & Wet-Resistant Paper
Sony: Will You Give It Up Already?!!?
Wii Woorld
One Of Those Things That Looks Just Plain Eerie Years Later
Microsoft Vista: No Luv x 2
So Ask Yourself, Punk: Do You Feel Lucky?
Reference: Celeb True Names
Reference: Celeb Gays
March 2007: Boycott RIAA Labels!
Harlan Ellison: Stop It, Already!
Blogroll Addition: Stupidity Tracker
March 2007: RIAA Boycott Month — Prepare For It
Reviewer I Can Trust Follows Up With Palm
LifeDrive Notes: Software, EBooks, & Keyboard
Girls Don’t Cry Update
Science Meets Anecdote. Finally!
Good Thing It’s Not Called The Wii-Wii
There Is A Righteous Rage
Close The Other Half Too!
Point: Counterpoint
Father Of Ren & Stimpy Speaks
Sony Flails While Nintendo Sails
Reference: TV Via The Internet
Numbers. We All Love Numbers.
The Immortal Sherlock Holmes


The Immortal Sherlock Holmes

February 28, 2007


I don’t know why. I just wanted to close the month this way.

Next up, the Contents entry that nearly drove me mad.

Or madder!

Numbers. We All Love Numbers.

February 28, 2007

Mathematicians unlock major number theory puzzle

Mathematicians have finally laid to rest the legendary mystery surrounding an elusive group of numerical expressions known as the “mock theta functions.” Number theorists have struggled to understand the functions ever since the great Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan first alluded to them in a letter written on his deathbed, in 1920.

–via digg

See also: Srinivasa Ramanujan (Wikipedia)

Reference: TV Via The Internet

February 28, 2007

3 quick ways to watch TV shows for FREE

First in a series of ZP “How To” guides that will teach you how to find TV programming to watch on-demand or via BitTorrent download so that you can watch your favorite TV shows whenever you like.

With the ever increasing amount of TV shows available to watch on TV, it has become even tougher to try to view them all. With a ridiculous 500+ number of cable channels available to us its surprising that some shows are even watched at all.

The rise in popularity of foreign UK-based shows such as “Dr. Who,” “Torchwood,” “The Office,” and others, has only hastened the need for time-shifting capabilities.

Torchwood. Go see it.

Sony Flails While Nintendo Sails

February 28, 2007

Nintendo Wii Takes Lead in Console Wars

It is likely that Sony is attempting to demonstrate why the PlayStation 3 is worth the higher price by showcasing the quality of Blu-ray movies on the console. It remains to be seen, though, whether Australians will agree. Although the device is $600 in the United States, gamers down under will end up paying closer to $750.

Maybe I’m missing something. To view Blu-Ray titles, don’t you need HDTV?

My bet is that the Wii is selling to people who still have conventional TVs. Which is still most people.

Father Of Ren & Stimpy Speaks

February 28, 2007

The World According to John K.

WN: So you really think this form of advertisement will change the way products are marketed?

John K.: Advertising now is so bloated. Have you seen some of the ads out there? They’re shitty.


WN: So the online medium is a place you’re going to be working in, mostly?

John K.: Online is a much better place for my brand of humor. Working for the studios is so bureaucratic. It’s awful. You can’t get anything done. Look what happened with Ren and Stimpy.

I clicked on the two ads linked in the article. They were funny.

Point: Counterpoint

February 28, 2007

Newsweek: Men & Depression: Facing Darkness

Touched with Fire: Manic-Depressive Illness and the Artistic Temperament
The Price of Greatness: Resolving the Creativity and Madness Controversy