You Meth Lab Bastards Must Die!

February 1, 2007

Is Cold Medicine Less Effective Because of the Meth War?

Jan. 31, 2007 — – During this cold season, many people may find that their favorite cold medication is not packing the punch it used to.

An active ingredient in many cold medications — the decongestant pseudoephedrine — is no longer allowed in drugstore aisles because in large quantities it can be used to make the illegal drug methamphetamine.

I said so earlier.

Is That Your Final Answer?

February 1, 2007

How cognitive science helps you win “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”

Here’s another one I’m coming late to, but it’s so cool I can’t pass it up: Ogi Ogas, a cognitive neuroscientist, won $500,000 on “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” — and he did so by employing a handful of mind-hacking tricks he derived from his knowledge of the brain.

For Future Bloggery

February 1, 2007

Get Your Feet Wet with WordPress

Over the last few years, WordPress has emerged as one of the best blogging tools available. In fact, it contains many features of a full-on content management system and can be used for everything from blogs to regular ol’ websites (with the advantage that even non-techie site owners can easily update the pages once the site is set up). ZDNet’s Tech Blogs is an example of a very slick site made with WordPress.

LifeDrive Notes: Linux As Windows App

February 1, 2007

Beginner’s Guide: Run Linux like any other program in Windows

There are many reasons people are hesitant to try Linux. The biggest of these reasons is that installing Linux generally requires people to do a list of difficult and unfamiliar tasks. However, I am going to introduce “virtualization” which is a fancy term for running Linux like any other program in Windows. The following article will guide you through the process of setting up Linux so you can run it like any other program in Windows. Don’t be intimated, these directions are designed for the absolute beginner and will not require you to do anything unfamiliar, threatening, or permanent to your computer. When you are finished you will be able to run Linux like any other program in Windows and share files between Linux and Windows.

Bloody hell. I could have used this earlier!

A Jackass Quote For All Of History

February 1, 2007

Verizon turned down iPhone’s advances

Verizon Communications president and chief operating officer Denny Strigl said: “The iPhone product is something we are happy we aren’t the first to market with.”

See also: Apple, Verizon and the iPhone: an Epic Story of Business Blundering

This Month’s Subhead

February 1, 2007

Is from my current reading: The Futurist by James P. Othmer.

LifeDrive Notes: Cue Taps

February 1, 2007

The LifeDrive Murder Mystery

It was such a promising product, and so young. Let’s look at the progression of events in the LifeDrive’s life:

LifeDrive Notes: You Laggard!

February 1, 2007

Hair-raising video of the LifeDrive’s lag!

Oh thank you YouTube! The vendor-ass-kissing Quislings of the Internet can’t refute video.

Wii Partiies

February 1, 2007

Wii is guest of honor at new genre of parties

John Sams, a 20-year-old student in Greenville, South Carolina, said he knew the Wii would be provide a new opportunity for socializing before it even became available. As a result, he and his brother, Indy, 22, started a Web site to link up people interested in Wii gaming parties in their area.

The site,, has about 150 registered members and Sams said he has met several people through the site who have attended Wii parties at his apartment.