Charity Auction: Get Your Name In A Mystery Novel

Got this in my emailbox today:

Summer 1990: on his way back from a night out Terry Patterson is abducted from his own front step by a terrifying, faceless man bent on killing him.

Then you pop up!

Oxfam Scotland are auctioning the chance to get your name into the next Denise Mina novel featuring Paddy Meehan. Slip of the Knife is due for worldwide publication in July/August 2007.

You can bid to have a character named after you in the novel and a mention in the acknowledgments paragraph at the beginning.

Simply go to ebay to place your bid

Between now and 9/10th of Feb.

Well, at Oxfam 84% of donations go directly to emergency, development and campaign work in their bid to end world poverty.

The last Paddy Meehan novel, The Dead Hour has been nominated for an Edgar Award for Crime Novel of the Year 2006.

BBC Scotland are developing the books as a TV series, you could be on telly, you might even be the bad guy/girl.

Plus, how many pairs of shoes have you got already?

Personal note to Prof. Penis McApplepants of Utrecht: you’re barred from bidding.

Denise’s books are still in my Long Tail Book Queue. But I’ve seen her twice now at signings. She’s a hoot. A great sense of humor. Wonderful readings of her own work. The auction is actually at (see bid link above) — but don’t let that stop you! Help her out.

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