Accelerating My iPhone Lust

iCame, iSaw, iConquered

Lucky Aussie journo got some Fondle Time with the iPhone:

This screen changes contextually to reflect the function you’re using, so you’ll only see a numeric keyboard when you’re in phone mode, for instance.

Not only is this handy now, but allows for unlimited tweaking in the future, which is consistent with Apple’s approach to managing functionality expansion through software. As Apple CEO Steve Jobs said about upgrading keyboard-based smartphones: “You can’t run around and add a button to these things . . . they’ve already shipped.”


On the home screen are icons for your Widgets. These are user-customised and include Text, Calendar, Photos, Camera, Calculator, Stocks, Maps, Weather, Notes, Clock and Settings. Users of Apple’s OS X operating system are familiar with Widgets and, with the release of Vista, Windows users will likely grow enamoured with these handy mini-applications.

Not much has been said about Apple using OS X as the operating system on the iPhone, other than that it will likely be a cut-down version of the desktop OS. Yet this will not only encourage development of “desktop-class” software for the iPhone but will bring a whole new user experience not available on any other phone on the market.

I must get to an Apple Store this week to fondle widgets…

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