Toronto Sun Are Dumb Bastards

So I go Google for any rumors I’ve missed of a possible Super Bowl 2007 TV ad from Apple. and Gizmodo both point to a Toronto Sun article. I’d like to see the article so I can judge if it’s just echoing net rumors or if it has the infamous Unnamed Sources Inside Apple imprimatur.

I go to the article and am met with this bullshit:

Deal for Beatles on iTunes in works


The worldwide Beatles grapevine is buzzing over the distinct possibility that the long-awaited remastering of the Fab Four’s United Kingdom CD back catalogue will finally see the light of day — by June.

The story you are searching for is available in its entirety via email, fax or mail for $10.00 (plus GST), payable with credit card (include expiry date).


This is the INTERNET you goddammed eejits! Not even the still-near-clueless New York Times charges a rate like that! I know the Canadian Dollar is shit and this will probably translate to $3US, but even that — for a piece that is probably nothing but bullshit rumor I’ve already read — is too much!

I’d really like to know who us echoing whom.

digg credits Leo Laporte.

But then Apple Gazette says it’s Macbreak Weekly‘s Merlin Mann who said it first.

But around the same time AppleInsider credits the eejits of the Toronto Sun!

I’m typing this near 3PM EST. The Super Bowl begins in about three hours.

Will there be a surprise jaw-dropping TV ad from Steve that will have the entire fucking world talking and which will be replayed over and over on TV this week?

Please Dear God if so let it be all of this!

By the way, if it turns out the source for this was indeed the Toronto Sun and there is indeed an ad along the lines of what they have claimed, I will change my headline here! Come back to see how much egg, if any, gets on me face.

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